Thursday, 8 February 2007

Well that didn't last long!

By 11 o'clock, it was raining, very steady, not heavy, but enough to make a good start on melting the snow. So after pottering for a while and having my lunch, I decided to head to Tesco after all, because they forecast freezing fog tomorrow, and I don't fancy driving in that at all. So I got about halfway to town and there was sleet coming down, and I thought, oh no if it gets worse, I'll turn back. Anyway it stopped, and I got to Carmarthen, and found that they hadn't had any snow! Well if they had it had melted a lot quicker than ours. The sun came out, and I felt very guilty because I didn't bring Emma. She could have had her walk round the reservoirs after all.

The worse bit about today is my sick nuthatch. I only have two nuthatches, and I doubt this one is going to make it now. I hope to god it hasn't caught the trichomonias. It doesn't look like it, he's eating okay, but certainly is a very sick bird. Makes me want to cry when you can't help them. I just wish I could bring it in the warm and give it some medication and a bit of TLC. Poor little bugger. It was on the window sill late when I went to shut my birds in, but he flew off when I got within a few feet again. Doubt it will survive the night, it's about minus 6 out there I think. I managed to get a fair shot of my cheeky robin today too, although they aren't brilliant through the window glass. I got one of the nuthatch with the window open, shows how sick he is, he just looks at me. :(


mydogbrandy said...

Poor little nuthatch. And Emma seems to be taking all the snow in her stride, calmly walking around or was she romping around and only paused for the photo (there are a lot of what looks like paw steps in the snow) *grin*. I heard some dogs really love playing in the snow.

Boo said...

Emma just loves getting wet! She stopped romping to pose!

Awww Jan, shame about the nuthatch, poor thing.

Lovely picture of the robin though :)

oldcrow61 said...

Aw Jan, I know what you must be going through worrying about the little nuthatch. Such a feeling of helplessness when these things happen.

Mo said...

Hi Jan, Came here via Ocean's blog. Hope your little nuthatch was OK. We have patio doors and quite often birds fly into them and stun themselves. I always get really worried they're going to be OK - usually keep an eye on them till they've regained their composure. We only get nuthatches in the south of Scotland but I've seen lots of France. Lovely little bird.

You've got some lovely photos in your blog.