Friday, 9 February 2007

Should have kept my trap shut...

Thank god I went to Tesco yesterday, because I certainly wouldn't be going today. It's been snowing heavily for the past hour now, already had a couple of inches I think, and the sky is full of it, not a blizzard because there is little wind, but I won't be going far today I fear. We also just had a power cut, so I quickly plugged in my ADSL usb modem so I can still surf! I knew it would come to good use, I had go back to dial-up before when we lose our electric, that's a great disadvantage of having a wireless router, no electric, no broadband.... oh and of course having a laptop with a fully charged battery helps a little too! It's back on now, only off for about 10 minutes thankfully. I think some poor souls elsewhere lose theirs for hours or days at a time in bad weather. Perhaps we aren't so primitive here after all. :)

Well, little Nobby Nuthatch (I've always called him that) has survived the night, much to my surprise. He didn't look so puffed up earlier either, but he did just now. He was sitting on the far end of the windowsill, where he was when I took the photo yesterday. The seed pot was empty, and I opened the window to put some pellets in it for him, and he flew down and sat on the pot and waited. How cute is that, but sad too, it only happens when wild birds are sick. Anyhow, he took a berry pellet, and took it along to wedge it like they do, and managed to eat it all. I am hoping he will make it, I am going to put some water out on the table near the windowsill for him, as he seems to be sticking around this bit.

I just had great excitement, have posted on BBF, but last night I saw what I thought was the song thrush perched on the newly acquired tree stump up by the bird table. I was pleased enough about that because I don't see it around very often, but I picked the binoculars up off the kitchen windowsill, and looked and it's a Redwing! A garden first for me. Really excited about that, I wonder where the rest are though, they are normally in large flocks I think.

Anyway, enough for now, I'd best get my arctic wear on and get out and do the birds feed, there are lots of hungry looking jackdaws sitting up on the wire waiting.

More snow pictures later I think....

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Boo said...

It's been snowing since 2.00am here and doesn't show any sign of letting up. Hubby and I are going to walk round to Tesco to do our shopping, I am not risking the car!