Sunday, 25 February 2007


The sheep in the field alongside of my garden have had their little lambies. Well some of them have anyway. There were 12 ewes in the field, have only seen 6 of them with the little ones so far, others maybe over the far side out of sight, or maybe the farmer is keeping them in the barn until they have them. One mummy has a little black one, awww. So cute. Shame how they will end up in someones fridge in 6 months time though isn't it? I should live in a town really, then I wouldn't see it and have to think about what happens to all the cute little lambs, calves, chicks that I see.....

Went to Tesco, took Emma round the reservoirs, hurray it hasn't rained since first thing, and the sun came out for a while. Trouble is, no pleasing me, as soon as the sky clears the temperature drops about 10 degrees and it's bloody freezing! No, it's not been too bad today, although quite a strong cold north westerly.

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oldcrow61 said...

It is very sad about the lambs, breaks my heart.