Thursday, 1 February 2007

Brief catch up

I've decided to do shorter posts (well that's the theory, but I know I waffle on) Even if it means doing two or three at a time, else it just gets so long, and I can't be bothered to do it at all, and it's just too long and a complete yawn fest anyway.

So really, all I have to say now is that I took Emma to see Damien (sigh) on Tuesday. Still think he's fab, went to a lot of trouble to make myself glamorous, all being completely irrational and stupid I know, the guy is married with two kids, and if he made a move toward me I would run a mile! The thrill is in the chase though. *smirk* Anyway, I decided I liked the new me (or the old me really) with a bit of make up on, it makes me feel more confident, and a bit younger, so I put some on again today to go shopping, lol. Not because I am out to catch a bloke, but just so that I don't shudder so much if I see my reflection in a shop window or mirror! My big problem though, and one of the main reasons I stopped wearing make-up before is that my eyes hurt like hell, they get really sore, even though I've got all the sensitive eyes Max Factor stuff, but doesn't seem quite so bad this time, I've not worn any make up for about 4 years, so it's all old stuff, maybe it gets better with age (unlike me)

Erm yes, oh still having an awful time with my broadband/BT. The speed now has gone really awful again, like it was when the original fault occurred, last night I had 92kpbs for some of the time, loading a web page, for example bird forum one was taking about 25 seconds! BT had an appointment to come once again to see if they could resolve this fault on Monday, 1pm to 6pm and hadn't the courtesy to turn up or telephone to say they weren't coming. I am so sick of them, I wish to christ we had an alternative to their shitty service here, but no such luck (I mean NTL cable or something) That's the second time they've not bothered to turn up. Its been going on since October now, and I'm not getting the service I am paying for. It's like being back on dial-up, as I have to disconnect my phone to stop the line disconnecting, and now the speed too, I really don't know what the answer is.

Finally a whinge (or another one) I'm not sure if I am still weak from the chicken pox, but my legs are terrible lately. I have no strength at all any more, I am really struggling to get out of the car, at Pat's yesterday, I had to go up the stairs on all fours! And took Emma round the reservoirs this afternoon, and there are steps up from one level to the next, and I could hardly get up them. Shit I feel like I am about 70! It's my knees really, the joints really hurt, if I squat down to pick something up, I am struggling to get up again. A bit worrying really, I always have been a pessimist but am thinking of what may happen in the future, wheelchairs spring to mind. :(


nicola said...

Make up always gives me more confidence I dont wear a lot, think it must have something to do with putting on war paint or something like that!

You will be still weak from the pox, dont forget you havnt been out for a while so your muscles arnt use to it! You will get stronger as you get better. Dont forget now we are going to see those red squigs :))))

Yup im excited!!

oldcrow61 said...

Your blog is not a "yawn fest". I always look forward to reading it, so keep writing. I too find that make up gives me more confidence. Also makes me feel good as I look much better with it on. lol

mydogbrandy said...

I'm only just reading this so I hope you are feeling much much better now. Could it be the remnants of the chicken pox that is making your knees feel so weak? If it doesn't feel better, do go to the doc. OH and I read about your fall at the seaside on Emma's blog, so I hope it didn't make the knees worse. Take care. I'm still catching up with your blog and will read on.