Friday, 9 February 2007

More snow - and complete chaos in the village!

Well it snowed heavily for 4 hours, we had as much snow in that time as I have ever seen here in the 13 years I've lived in Wales. I thought it was about 6 inches, but went and measured and it was actually 5 inches, so I didn't want to lie about it, that's something that men normally do I think....

It finally stopped about 2.00 pm and I went out and began clearing the bird feeding area. I'd been keeping them topped up in the pot on the window sill, and I had put two ground feeders stacked with seeds under the hollybush up the top and the other one round by my back garden, so they didn't starve, plus plenty of hanging feeders. A little female siskin turned up in the lilac bush too. I came within two inches of being able to capture Nobby the Nuthatch. I got the net out, and swiped at him but he just managed to get away, and now of course, he is wary of me. I don't think he's going to last long, because a hawk has been here by the looks of it. There were grey feathers all along the edge by the window sill. There are several sick chaffinches around, I guess that was one of them.

Well anyway, after that I decided to take Emma out for some fun round the back fields, and took lots of photos. The main road was at a standstill, and there were two abandoned vehicles in my road where they couldn't get up the hill. The snow has caught everyone out because they didn't forecast it today, yesterday yes, but most of it had melted and we were supposed to have rain today. So everyone has gone off to work and school as normal, and then got stuck. There was a snow plough coming down as I went out with Emma, which frightened her half to death. Lorries and cars were just about managing to crawl along. There was a camera crew filming on the corner of the road, damn, I just missed out. Me and Emma may have got our faces on SC4 if I'd been a couple of minutes earlier, cos they were just packing up. :(

I stopped in the Spar shop on the way back and a bloke had taken two and a half hours to get here from Carmarthen (15 minute journey normally) and three and a half hours to get from Cross Hands to Carmarthen (normally about 15 minutes too) What a nightmare!

Well the sun has now come out and we are surrounded by blue skies, so that means it will all freeze tonight and cause even more chaos! Glad I haven't got to go anywhere.

Here come the photos then. (There will be more on Emma's blog, trying to keep the ones with her in separate)


oldcrow61 said...

I hope you manage to catch the little nuthatch Jan. You never know, you may be able to bring him back to good health. Love the snow pictures.

Boo said...

If anyone can do it OC, Jan can!

nicola said...

Cool snow shots