Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Spring came back again today

It's been beautiful today. Got stuck in to doing some tidying up in the garden. Firstly I had to repair the fence between my garden and that of the now vacant bungalow on the other side of the road. Now that all the trees have been cut down, I could get round there to do it properly, it was always a bodge up (like most of my handy work) and I had to build some kind of extension barricade too because if someone moves in there with a dog, it could now come straight into my garden. I also had to get about 12 feet of rusty, rotting wire netting out of the honeysuckle and brambles, because the guys who cut down the trees left it be, I couldn't expect them to do that. It took me ages, and I ripped my hands to bits, got thorns in both my thumbs and poured with blood. Gloves? Who me? No way, gloves are for wimps. And for people that have nice hands. I also pruned down another lilac bush near the kitchen window, as that blocks a lot of light and sun when it's covered in leaves. Even today though, it was boiling in my kitchen. I mean, February, it felt more like May, fantastic.

I took Diddy Boy out with me this morning, and he was quite happy to stay out in the sunshine all day. As I was out there most of the time anyway, he was following me around a bit, but then I came in for a bite to eat, and he stayed and perched up on the old guinea pig run, preening himself. I had to actually go and carry him in at 4.30 as the sun was going down behind the hill and started to get chilly, he had a nice day out there anyway. No sign of the cat that tried to kill him for over two months now, so I guess it's ended up under a car as predicted. Sad really, not the cat's fault, but a relief to me just the same. Saves a lot of complications and worries for sure.

Bashing in fence posts and sawing and carrying has taken its toll today though, my back is agony and I had a soak in the bath this afternoon, to try and ease it a bit, Can't say that it's worked too well though. Think I will have to resort to some pain killers shortly.

Only a shortish road walk with Emma today to pick up my car from service (about half a mile but mostly up a very steep hill, puff pant. )

Got so much to do here, I get so fed up at times, because when it's nice I just want to go out for the day somewhere, not stick around here grafting. Stuff needs doing indoors too, cleaning, decorating. Just can't summon the energy or enthusiasm though. Oh well, another day tomorrow I suppose.

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oldcrow61 said...

My heavens, you sound as bad as myself, always wrecking the body with outside work. Probably, again like me, you want it all done at once so you push yourself to hard. Do hope you feel better fast. Aw, Diddy boy had a great day out it seems. It warmed up here today and the chickens were all stretched out on the deck taking in the sun. Isn't it wonderful!