Saturday, 3 February 2007

Teifi Marshes

Such a wonderful day (after the ice had melted) so I decided to go out for a few hours to Cilgerran and Teifi Marshes Nature reserve. Can you believe this weather? February, and I had a picnic, sitting at a table with just a thin sweatshirt on? Crazy. And I was buzzed by a blow-fly thing. I saw honey bees collecting pollen from the flowers on the gorse too. It's gonna be a cold one again tonight by the looks of things, it dropped to minus 4c last night, still haven't had temperatures as low as it got last winter though, and hope we don't either! Saw the normal amount of birds that you would see in any woodland place really, I only went to one of the hides (The Kingfisher one) but there was a couple of ardent birdwatchers in there, nothing to be seen on the lake either, so didn't stop long incase Emma started to whinge! Lots of blue tits feeding on the seed feeders by the Visitor Centre, (which is closed until Easter) They've been doing a lot of work by the looks of things, will be nice to see it all finished. I bought 100 fatballs in Cilgerran so I put three of them on the feeders, as they were nearly empty, they have one of the ones that is about 5 feet long, and it was down to the last foot! I guess the people that live in the cottage on site see to it, not sure. Nice day anyway. I shall tell you what else I did in my next post!


nicola said...

ooo that looks a fancy place....cmon then tell us what you did next!!!

Jan said...

Give us a chance, woman! It's nothing exciting anyway, just another load of hassle!

oldcrow61 said...

Whooo, want to know what you did next! Great picture of the "Little Darling" there.