Friday, 9 May 2008


Had another great day yesterday, I could get to like going for picnics everyday in bluebell woods, in shimmering heat. Wish it could be like it all year round. May is my favourite month of the year, I just love it, especially here in Wales, the scenery is fantastic at this time of year in particular.

So I spent the day with Alan, after having gone for physio on my back whilst he looked after Emma we went to the Falcondale Woods at Lampeter where I've posted on my blog many times, so because of that, I only took one photo of a very hot Emma and the best view of the bluebells.

We had our picnic in the clearing. We did a lot of talking too, and sorted out a few things and I am extremely happy about our situation and hopefully our future relationship.

I spotted the amazing piece of rotting wood on our way back down to the car, it's a dinosaur of course, saw it instantly. Remember last year I found the stick with the dragon's head? Same woodland. Something very strange about that place or me! But Alan saw it too, so glad to have found someone who sees things like I do.

So we came home and I did a mega salad for tea, and he went home full and content I think!

Having a break today, will go up the farm shortly, but it's nice to just sit and chill a bit today, and catch up with the blogs. My apologies if I haven't commented for a while, I do still try to read when I can, but have just been so busy, haven't been using the internet quite so much lately, only the chat facility in the late evenings chatting to Alan. Sorry all, but life must come first. On which point, Alan is over for the day tomorrow and we are going on my local walks group ramble, about two and a half hours around the mountains here, hope the weather is okay, because it dawned foggy and drizzly this morning. The scenery up there will be fantastic and hope to get some decent shots.

The Dragon stick I found last year, still in my plant pot here


oldcrow61 said...

What a perfect picture, Emma among the Bluebells. Bless her, the little doll. Great piece of wood that you found there. So happy to know that you're enjoying yourself with Alan.

Janine said...

I would love a stick like that for my reptile photo shoots.

When do we get to "meet" Alan? lol seriously I am happy for you.