Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Great Weekend....

I've just had a wonderful weekend, despite the weather. Been lovely to have some company for a change, able to share all sorts of experiences.

Sunday we went to a large indoor market, which was absolutely thronging with people because of the awful wind and rain, everyone was looking to find things to do in a sheltered place. Luckily by about 1pm it stopped raining, and we went into Tenby and had a look round. I've not been there for a few years, it's a lovely town, loads of different shops, had a sit outside with a coffee and a large slice of yummy cake (my diet has gone to pot this past few days, but the good news is that I've not put on any weight, yay!)

Monday we just went up to New Quay and had fish and chips sitting in a shelter. Everywhere packed out again. The wind was unbelievable, and could hardly stand up walking back up the hill to the car. We then went down to Llanina Woods, and took the walk up through the footpaths to the picnic site and then round the walkway. Didn't bother with photos there though because I've done it a few times before on my blog.

Today just popped down to the local builders merchants and ordered two fence panels as the two I didn't renew earlier in the year have now virtually had it, one is hanging by a couple of rotting slats before it goes over completely. We then took Emma round the park in Llandysul and I didn't have to wear a coat, blimey!

Said goodbye to Alan and then shot up the farm as I had to see Kate, she is away tomorrow and Thursday am, so I am doing an extra shift at the farm before I do the 8 days commencing this coming weekend.

I had some awful news from her. We had the horrendous wind yesterday as mentioned, and the red kite's nest was smashed out of the tree. Just by pure fluke, Kate found out because of walking the dogs up the lane at 4.30-ish, and saw the nest in the lane, and one chick still alive and apparently uninjured. How, I don't know, the nest must have been 30 feet up at least. The good news is that the chick was quite big, almost ready to fledge. They searched everywhere but couldn't find any more chicks. Phoned the RSPCA who had a recorded message about leaving birds where they are, well completely impossible in this instance, the parents would not have kept coming to it on the ground, and one of the cats would have got it anyway. So long story short, a guy from the local Red Kite group came and took her away (it's a hen) and is very hopeful that they will be able to re-locate her in another kite's nest - apparently Kites will accept another chick in their nests, which is amazing. Anyway, they will ring her (the chick) and are going to let Kate know when they are going to place her in another nest and we can go and watch, which will be fantastic. We searched again this afternoon to see if there was any sign of another chick but couldn't find anything. The poor parent birds are circling all the time looking for their chick. So sad, but at least it was saved, fingers crossed anyway that the news will be good.

Only other thing to note was we had SIX hedgehogs here at the same time the other night - 5 on the main cam at the same time, and one in the porch, keeping out of the way (think it was Squirt) The others were all pushing and shoving, was quite comical.

Photos from Tenby below.


Pete said...

good you're enjoying yourself.

emma looking lovely

oldcrow61 said...

So sad to hear about the Red Kites. Sounds like you are having a great time these days with Alan. Love the picture of Emma. Must be the "chips" look on her face, lol.

Jan said...

Actually oc it was the "huge slices of Lemon drizzle cake" look, lol!

nicola said...

Sexercise lets exercise lets sexercise..who sang that now???

Would not be suprised if you had lost some...

You know what I think though..how happy I am for you..

Plus young lady I hope you are being careful, you dont want a tummy full of arms and legs now..

Janine said...

Thats sad news about the kite chick but at least they were able to rescue it. Keep up the healthy lifestyle, it suits you ;)