Friday, 30 May 2008


I asked Alan if he wanted to meet me for a picnic today, just for an hour or so, and walk Emma round the reservoirs, as he didn't know about them. The forecast was warm (18-21c) and sunny with some cloud, on all three websites I looked at last night.

So this morning, made the sarnies and general picnicky stuff, he was bringing the coffee. Met him outside one of the shops (as I had stuff to do first) at 12.30. We drove to the reservoirs, parked up, took Emma for the walk round first as it was still a bit early to eat.

Saw Mrs Duck from the photo below, couldn't believe how many chicks she had, must be close on a record. I counted 14, Alan reckoned 16, so maybe we shall compromise at 15! Anyway, couldn't get any closer without her taking off in a panic, she was already starting to get in the water, and I only had the nokia with me.

So we get back to the cars to get out our grub as the first few spots of rain fell...

Walked back to the bench, got out the sarnies etc and a few more spots of rain fell...

By then it was getting quite heavy, but undeterred we carried on. Coffee poured, Emma sitting hopefully, already wet from going in the water, but getting wetter by the second. Alan so gallant, put his coat around me and took the brunt of the rain, I was also sort of under a tree so wasn't getting it too bad.

Anyhow, the rain got steadily heavier and heavier, and in the end it absolutely torrented down. By then I was collapsed into hysterics! Our coffee cups were filling up faster than we were drinking it! Alan was soaked to the skin, water running off his head. My jeans were like painted on blue leggings. We finally had to admit defeat and ran for the car, the pathway was by then under about 3 inches of water too lol!

Got in the car and I tried to dry Emma as best I could. By then another couple of cars had turned up, hoping to take their dogs for a walk too. We sat there talking for a while and the car steamed up so I said it looked like we were up to something haha!

Anyway, left for home eventually (and we weren't up to anything, honest) and couldn't believe it, the rain came down so hard on the way back I had to have headlights, fan blower on windscreen, fast speed wipers, the lot, water running like a river in places. Got within 4 miles of home and the roads were practically dry. Got home expecting my washing to be soaked and it was dry! How amazing is that. I mean I am talking only 10 miles away all this happened!

A spooky thing too. I unpacked my shopping, thinking I must phone Alan and tell him, he won't believe it. I then thought, oh, I'll just get the washing in, just do the bird feeders, just do a cuppa, then I'll phone him, so we are talking a delay of about 25 minutes. So I picked up the phone, rang his number, and just as he answered I got a text message from him. He had pressed Send for the text at exactly the same time as I pressed the last digit of his phone number, to tell me the same thing - it was dry at his place (he's 10 miles the opposite way to town) I'm sure we have some weird sort of telepathy. I mean, I've never, ever phoned him in the daytime, and he's never, ever sent me a text in the daytime. Oooer!

So he's coming over for the weekend, to help me with my fence panels, and some stints up at the farm. I have 8 days now to do, so will be busy as you can imagine, so don't know when or if I will be blogging or chatting....

Got to get all the housework done now, ain't done any this week, naughty. Good job no Springwatch tonight!

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oldcrow61 said...

That is so funny about the rain. Only you Jan, only you, lol. Sounds like you are both on the same wave length. Hope you have a great weekend.