Monday, 5 May 2008

May Day Bank Holiday Monday

Had a wonderful day today with Alan. We met at 11 am, and we went to Laugharne. Now I had a tree dedicated to me by the Woodland Trust when I joined, and it's in a wood there, but have never seen it. So the idea was to find the 16 acre St Martins Wood. Well it's bloody well hidden that's all I can say, we drove down tiny little lanes all over the show and couldn't find it, so will have to email them to find the exact instructions. The map on the website doesn't really help a lot!

Apart from that, we had a look at Dylan Thomas's Boathouse, which is about the most famous feature of the area, the Castle, and a couple of walks, a nice salad lunch sat outside one of the cafes, and look in the touristy shops and I bought a couple of things. There's the most amazing shop that sells silver items, all sorts of jewellery made mainly by the guy in his shop. Bought some silver earrings at a very good price, although some of the stuff is really expensive, but gorgeous all the same.

Went back to pick up my car, and then walked across with Emma and sat outside MacDonalds and drank a couple of cups of tea and talked and talked for about 2 hours! Things are still going well between us, very well in fact! Finding out every time I see him that we have more and more things in common, we could be twins!

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oldcrow61 said...

I'm so happy to hear that things are going well with the new man in your life. I love the picture of that room.