Thursday, 22 May 2008

Just now ....

So funny watching them, no hostilities though, just lots of bouncing. Can hear the dish bashing against the wall outside. Weird that they are just about 6 feet away from me the other side of the living room wall!

Both went out of camera shot, now only one back. Can't see any paint marks on either of them, so looks like I have two more new ones, which will mean maybe 8 so far this year.

The fifth pic is Squirt, he's just arrived, definitely wasn't one of the other two here just now, can clearly see the paint on his left side, and he has a darker face.

Next, spoke too soon about no hostility. One hog just returned and given poor Squirt a right bashing. It was Jack! The last one I marked, he has barged and bashed poor little Squirt, and he's all curled up in the dish right now, dish has been moved, he's now uncurled and couldn't get out again, lol. He's got sultanas stuck all over his side on his spines! Doesn't seem bothered though, now tucking in again. Shame they are coming so late and none of you lot are around, it's not dark enough here though for them to appear until after about 10.30.


Pete said...

aw love the little legs

oldcrow61 said...

Two new're gathering quite a crew there. Lovely to see the pictures.