Tuesday, 20 May 2008

So busy

Haven't had a moment to do anything other than the bare essentials for a few days, and that's set to continue. I love it!

Sunday went to Llanelli shopping for a change, then took Emma on the beach on the way back. On phone to mum for an hour, then Alan for two hours. Not getting to watch much telly lately!

Monday cut all the grass, cleaned out the animals, then went up the farm for the normal lamb feed and dog walk about 4.15. Found out that the sheep were being sheared around 7pm and offered to help, mainly because I wanted to see how it's done. Had a sandwich and coffee and the guy arrived about 7.15pm. We had already moved hurdles and made pens out of various gates etc to drive the main flock from the field. It was great helping, I was carrying the warm fleeces as they came off the ewes to Kate on the other part of the barn and she was rolling them and stacking. It was great to see how skilful Aled was, what a filthy job though, poor guy got covered in poo!
Finally got home about 9.40, had to feed the Guineas, Emma, shut birds in, do hog and mice food. Didn't sit down till gone 10 o'clock. Mind you thats pretty much like it most nights now because it being light so late, too much to do outside, it's nice watching the Swifts flying. On phone to Alan again only half an hour though as was a bit late!

Today out shopping for about 4 hours, back in time to unload, make a cuppa then up the farm for tea time. On phone to various people again, lol, my phone has never had so much use! That's because I've signed up for the free evening and weekend calls with BT though!

Looked up earlier and there was a Gt Spotted Woodpecker on my peanuts right by the living room window. Wow, never had one that close before.

Tomorrow meeting up with Barry and Christine for a day out, Thursday going to my friend Pat's, have to help Kate with the animals both evenings though, and she's making me another delicious Lasagne, yum.

And the very best news, Alan is coming home on Thursday night, but staying at his dad's but I will probably be seeing him on Friday. Yay. :o)


oldcrow61 said...

Good heavens girl, you are the busy one. Must have been interesting, seeing the shearing. Happy to hear that you will be seeing Alan soon.

Pete said...

busy bee eh. any hog news?

Janine said...

Time flies when you are busy! Guess you and Alan will have some catching up to do ;)