Friday, 16 May 2008

Quick update

Ooops time flies when you're having fun, can't believe another week has flown by.

Well haven't really much to say, just usual stuff being going on, lots of hog activity on the cams at night, some so funny when three hogs appear round the main dish and much bouncing and jiggling goes on, no fighting and pushing though. Haven't seen Cass for a few nights now, but Squirt and the one I marked on the rear end but didn't really name have been tonight, I think I shall call this one Jack, as in Jumping Jack, hope it's a boy then.

The weather has taken a turn for the worse, after several days of hot hot hot weather and summer clothes, it's back to winter now, sitting in here with two thick jumpers on freezing. Last night had to light the log fire, but couldn't be bothered tonight. I had the oven on for over an hour cooking my wonderful, wonderful, evening meal that Kate made for me - the most delicious Lasagne and garlic bread, which I ate with some salad and some French dressing that she gave me too. I can honestly say it was one of the best things I've ever eaten in my life, it makes me realise how crap the ready meal version of lasagne really is! Anyway, the oven warmed the place up a bit, but not much. I shall have to put the storage heaters back on tonight, as it shows no sign of warming up much for a while again. sigh.

Other news, bit down in the dumps as Alan is away for two weeks, and already counting the days till I see him again. I didn't want it to happen this quickly, if at all, but I have really fallen for this guy. He didn't want to take the job working away because of me and us. The work may last up to 4 months, which will be hell, may only see him for a weekend a month or something. We have some really spooky coincidence things that happen for us, really obscure stuff that you would think couldn't possibly happen to two people but they have. Bit hard to explain, but one thing is my dad and his mum both died on 20th December, not the same year but still. And the way we think the same on a lot of things that most people wouldn't. Tonight, I was missing him, and thought I'll look at his photo, and the second I clicked on it on my pc, my mobile phone went and a text came through from him. Just weird stuff like that. Neither of us had eaten sweets or mentioned them, and yet last Saturday, I got out a packet of mints and offered him one when we were walking, and he had the exact same thing in his pocket, never normally buys them either. Sort of telepathic things I guess you could call it.

I may be going round Helen's tomorrow, someone from Cardiff University is coming to interview some of us about our views on the wind farm and turbines, should be interesting, but I don't fancy being filmed, omg! It's only for the Uni though, not for general broadcast, but still embarrassing, but she needs some support I don't think many other people can come. Hope it doesn't go on too long tho, the FA Cup final is on tomorrow!

Got one pic of Emma to finish with, this was taken on a lovely walk I had with her and Alan on Tuesday in the woodland just along from his house, interesting site of an old brickworks in there with some underground kilns and remains. Was nice.


nicola said...

Ta for email, sorry not replied...

You devil you, I am so pleased...and chuffed with the OMG!!

Ha ha...

Dont worry time will fly then you two can get back to uhm uhm uhm you know ;)

Tricia said...

Looks like Emma's found a good way to chill out Nic :)

Tricia said...

Oops sorry Jan (just read Nic's name)- brain not engaged this morning!

oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like you're having a grand time with your fellow. Not to worry, the time will fly by before you see him again.