Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Green Castle Woods - the other side

Had the great pleasure of meeting up with Pauline this afternoon for a picnic, and a wonderful walk round the woodland. The weather couldn't have been better if it tried, temperatures in the 70s, so very lucky. We went to the other side of the road from the main car park, and I'd never been there before. It's wonderful. Lots of meandering streams, Emma had a wonderful time, after the first hiccup of her disgracing herself by wading chest deep in a load of stinking sludge! I had to drag her out and take her back to a deep bit of the stream to wash off!

The bluebells smelled magnificent, and all the white flowers were a new thing for me, wild onions! We heard lots of different bird calls, especially Chiff Chaff and Song Thrush, and saw some butterflies, a large stag beetle, a badger sett hole, and the views were fantastic. We walked for about 2 hours in all, although this did include a couple of stops and sit downs on a bench here and there. We crossed the road again and came back round the side of the woods that I'm familiar with. Lots of steps and steep slopes, glad I lost the weight, else I would have died today for sure!

Great afternoon, must do it again really soon.

The Badger sett entrance

View across to Carmarthen

The Beetle

Carmarthen again in the distance

This made me laugh!

The Gorse in bloom looked fantastic


oldcrow61 said...

What a beautiful woods. The last picture of Emma is priceless. Beautiful!

Pete said...

everywhere looks lovely in the sun!

Tricia said...

Sounds a great day out Jan and a lovely place going by your pictures. I love the path meandering through the bluebell wood.

Mary said...

Hasn't the weather been good the last few days i got burn't walking in the sun today!

Janine said...

The woods have a magical, mystic quality. Awesome pics.