Tuesday, 6 November 2007


Been a lovely day here today, blue skies, yay, don't faint, no wind, would have been nice to go somewhere, but no car of course. It got to 1.15 and hadn't heard so I phoned up, and Brian said they'd done all they could but he wanted to give it a run, and then another flush through and said come up in about an hour and a half! So I said that I wanted to get Emma to the vets so he said oh fine, come about 2 then. I felt horrible, probably meant he didn't get any lunch, oops. Another £120 bit the dust there too, but I did manage to sell him some raffle tickets for our Wind farm Christmas goodies.

Anyway, all done, he thinks my clutch is on the way out too, has adjusted it a bit, but it's right down to the floor really. He thinks the heater is a bit better but to see how it goes. Well I've never been lucky with heaters in cars, apart from my Fiesta, that was brilliant but others I've had have been non-existent sometimes.

Anyway, the bit you've all been waiting for, Emma at the vets. Well, not very good news, Damien checked her heart and the murmur wasn't any worse but listened to her symptoms, and said that she now ought to go onto tablets. We had a golden retriever who was on heart pills, and I know Irene's two labs were too. It should help with her breathing, and her coughing, and I've to give her two a day to start, and if there's no improvement then there are some other ones she will need too. He said to still walk her, but nothing too fast so that she struggles, so lots of my walks are out now then. The cost is bad news too, £45 for 100 tablets. Now Damien reckoned that was two months supply, wonder if he passed arithmetic exams???? Bless. 50 days in my reckoning is a month and a bit, but still, I didn't argue (as if)

And the other bit, yes I got his photo! I asked him outright, I don't know how I did it, and I then spent the next half an hour walking Emma saying OMG how could I? I was more embarrassed after, but I think I stayed calm and very matter of fact in front of him. He was fine, and asked how I wanted him! Jeeeeez! I said "oh do you want to be pretending you are doing something to Emma" so that's what he did. I told him that I do a blog for a record, not that I write it as if she was doing it, don't want him to think I'm completely off my rocker, and he was fine, and said "yes I don't mind" I showed him the pic and he said "oh it shows my bald head" We both laughed and shrugged. So that was it. So I shall post it on Emmas blog, after all, it's only fair.

After that excitement I just took her down the river, and took some more photos of the gorgeous golden colours of the trees.


nicola said...

where is it then ????

Anonymous said...

Is he hidden in a tree? Do we have to search?

Pete said...

check out Emma's blog!!!

poor emma with the tablets!!

oldcrow61 said...

Well, if he had asked me how I wanted him...Ahem, ahem, cough, cough, blush.

Jan said...

Haha, thanks for the laughs Anon and OC!