Friday, 2 November 2007

Autumn in Coed y Foel Woods

Another fine, warm day here, no sunshine though, but pleasant enough to not need a coat really. I popped over to see Eileen this morning, she phoned me up to tell me her news and I went over for a coffee. Seems her husband has been in hospital for over two weeks, and has at least another two weeks to be in. Told her if I could run her down anytime or take her shopping she was to let me know. I told her off for not getting in touch about it before too. She's as bad as me though and doesn't like to ask anyone for help.

Anyway, I decided I wanted more than the usual 15 minute plod round the park this afternoon, and took Emma to the Woodland Trust place that I go to now and then. Haven't been there since the early Summer when I went with Irene. It's a wee bit lonely really, but decided to brave it whilst it's dry. Because of the steep hill to climb, it's a killer but good exercise. Poor Emma was trailing well back though and I had to keep waiting for her to catch up. It was so peaceful there, I kept stopping every now and then and listening, and there was nothing, absolute complete and utter silence. Wonderful. Saw and heard a couple of robins and blackbirds near the first part but other than that, just this eerie silence. There were millions of acorns fallen to the ground, every step was crunch crunch crunch. Seems a shame if they all go to waste, no sign of any squirrels, thought the place should be teeming with them, perhaps they are all shy. The carpet of leaves was really thick, like walking on cushion flooring.

These berry things were actually attached to the oak leaf


oldcrow61 said...

Lovely photos Jan. Sounds like you had a great day.

Mary said...

Having finally sorted out your telephone and internet problems time to enjoy yourself!