Thursday, 15 November 2007

Quick update

Just seem to be too busy lately to do this of an evening, too much stuff on the telly, dark at 5 oclock etc, has completely thrown my routine out of the window. So thought I'd better do it now before my day gets going again.

Today I am going to the hairdressers shortly, then off to my friend Pat's for the rest of the day, by the time I get back it will be nearly dark I expect, then it's food time, and off to the Wind Farm meeting. Must remember to record the last Autumn Watch tonight. I must say I haven't really enjoyed so much of it this time. The thing about the fox with the bad leg that the National Trust won't interfere with has pissed me off no end, and the way Bill Oddie just laughed it off, concerning all the protests there have been. The RSPCA are monitoring the situation. Big deal. Meanwhile the fox is starving to death. Also the emphasis on the Deer Rut has bored me to tears. I mean how many times do we want to see stags smashing the shit out of each other, or bonking the does? Also very upsetting to hear that 70 newly born seal pups were swept to their death last week in the storms.

Yesterday I went shopping and found some bargain bird foods in Wilkinsons, bought 4 new jumpers for the winter in other shops, and lots of food in Tescos, it was a miserably cold, damp, rainy, dismal day here. Got home late, time I'd unpacked the shopping, it had stopped, so just took Emma round the block here for a walk.

Update on Diddy, well he's still about the same, he has spells where he perks up and then next time you look and he's got his head down. He does seem to be eating a bit more, he's eaten half a tin of sweetcorn this past two days, and some bits of grape, biscuit and bread, and some seeds, but it seems to be an effort and I constantly have to urge him to bother.

Talking of food, I finally managed to get myself into the frame of mind to try and lose a bit of weight. When I lost my three and a half stone three years ago, I found the way to go was to NOT eat breakfast. Despite what all the experts say, that you need it to get your metabolism going, it's the most important meal of the day, yada yada yada... Well it doesn't work that way for me. Once I start eating, it just makes me want to carry on eating. So I've knocked breakfast on the head, which means I am instantly eating about 400 calories less a day, with no adverse effect on how I feel. In fact I feel more lively if anything. I also bought no cakes biscuits sweets or anything naughty whatsoever in Tesco yesterday, I wouldn't even walk down that aisle because I knew I would probably weaken when I saw the belgian buns (they are my biggest weakness) So anyway, I started on Saturday, it was easy because of getting up to go up the farm, it was too early for my normal breakfast anyway. And the good news is I've lost three pounds already this week. Yay! I want to try and lose a stone by Christmas.

Still got two hedgehogs coming, thought there was only one till last night when battle commenced over the dish again. I don't know if they will be back tonight though, because have woken up to a very hard frost, haven't yet ventured outside, but my guess was it was the coldest night yet, everywhere was white at 6.45 (Woke up that early because my very considerate neighbour opposite, the RAC man, has started up his van and left it running for 45 minutes in the end to defrost the windscreen.) Thanks Mike. Filling the road with pollution and noise. Can't he just buy a tin of de-icer for 75p? I should imagine there was plenty of ice around on the roads too after all that rain yesterday. Winter is here folks.

Oh well, must get up now, it's a beautiful sunny day outside, but I guess its going to be brrrrrrrrr cold out there.

Little Vee (he's got a distinctive white V above his nose)


oldcrow61 said...

That poor fox, what on earth is wrong with those people! Fabulous that you have lost three pounds this week. I am rooting for you. Keep it up, you can do it.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Jan! No more Belgian Buns. and protein rich food??? Getting that every day??? How's it going with the wind farm? Does it look like they will go away?

Jan said...

Protein good, tonights meal is a Healthy Living one from tesco, its Chicken breasts in tomato and basil sauce, yum, just in the oven now, Composition per half pack is: Cals 150, Protein 25.2g Carbs 8.2g, Fat 1.7g,Fibre 1.0g, Sodium 0.1g, and I have a small jacket potato in the oven too. Following I will be eating a Ski Yoghurt, pro biotic, Apricot flavour, 109 cals. Okay??? ;) At Pat's I had a small cheese sandwich, thin sliced cheese, low fat spread and two small Welsh cakes, which are a bit naughty but should still be well under the calorie allowance for today. I just looked back on my calendars, three years ago today, I weighed exactly 2 stone less than I do now, I was dieting then, I started in the previous October, and had lost 3 stone then. It has been a struggle to maintain obviously no goodies or treats at all else it just piles back on, so I think I shall be pleased to get rid of 1 and a half stone (21 pounds) and be happy to stay at that weight.

Erm Wind Farm, not sure, sometimes the news is good, sometimes not so good. I really have no idea if we will be successful, but we are sure giving it our best try, it depends on the judicial review really, which means in effect that a judge will consider all the facts and give a verdict, as to whether we have a chance of beating the council's planning consent. If he says not a hope, then we have to withdraw. Not sure when all this will happen, it takes a long time to go through the legal system, but for us, the longer the better, as apparently the government are having a re-think about this, so fingers crossed eh?

cmk said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I am, too, going through the weight-loss bit and it truly is a struggle. With my health situation, I find the ONLY way I can lose weight is on a low-carb diet. I know, a lot of people aren't comfortable with that, but carbs are my downfall and I truly can feel the difference when I over-indulge in them. Protein has to stay my way of life--AND (sorry to all vegans, etc) it has to be animal protein. My body doesn't tolerate soy, at all. So much fun to have weight issues. :)

Good luck, jan!