Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Well nothing overly exciting today. Just went to Morrisons shopping, and then to Wyevales and bought a couple of new bird feeders (not what I went in there for of course) I looked at the price of their peanuts, Guardman ones, 10 kilo sack is £19.99! How on earth do people afford that kind of money for bird food. They obviously sell it at that price though. I was looking because there has apparently been such a bad season in China where the majority of our peanuts come from that they have gone up, but I can still get a 25 kilo sack for £23.

After that sat in the car park and had lunch, and shared it with Emma and a cute squirrel! The nearest I have got to a friendly squirrel in ages, mine has disappeared from the garden now, and even so, he used to leg it if I went within 10 yards of him. This one allowed me to put the window down and photograph him, but he didn't allow me to get out of the car, then he was off. Still he had a bit of bread. Took Emma round the reservoirs for her walk today, I think she likes it there as much as anywhere, and it's lovely at the moment crunching through the leaves. Loads of Mallards about again, wonder where they've been hiding all summer?

Another fantastic sunset tonight, the whole sky in every direction was all shades of blues, oranges reds and yellows, it was so wonderful. I took photos with both my cameras to compare, first with my old Praktica and the second with my Kodak. The colour reproduction is much more natural with the Kodak, more like reality. I have actually tarted up the Praktika ones a bit because they were a bit insipid. What do you reckon?


Pete said...

i believe we get an influx of mallards from overseas. Hanningfield gets mallards from siberia in winter

oldcrow61 said...

Beautiful sunset. The squirrel is so cute.

Anonymous said...

fabulous sky shots.