Monday, 5 November 2007

Ho ho ho, it's raining!

Shame that. Wonder if it will spoil the fireworks? *smirk*

Been so grey here for days now, apart from that brief interlude on Saturday morning for a couple of hours. I knew we wouldn't get much longer without getting wet, I mean 7 whole days, almost a record. Wind has got up here today as well. My car is in for service and having the heater looked at, so am stuck here today, waiting for the phone call to go and collect it Won't be much fun trudging up the 1 in 3 in the rain though.

Well it's meant that I've cleaned out the guinea pigs and the budgies, and I've also moved Diddy Cockerel again. He isn't too good really, starting to look and act his age, which is positively ancient in chicken years (he's not far short of 10 now) and he seemed so fed up in the aviary, I mean I've been letting him out in the garden during the day, but he's standing around huddled up and half asleep most of the time. But the main reason I've moved him is that his little house has been causing terrible fighting amongst my cockatiels. Some of them have designs on it as a large nest box. Now I thought I may have a problem next year in the spring, but of course as it's stayed so mild I guess the birds aren't thinking about the time of year. There has been quite a bit of bloodshed, and three male birds are harrassing a hen back and forth in the aviary, and it's only a matter of time before something worse happens. So I've taken it out, and there has been peace ever since thank goodness. So his little house is now a shelter by the back door, but I'm having him back in the porch thing to sleep from now on. If I go out for any length of time, I'll pop him back in the aviary or if it's raining, but otherwise he can stay in the garden. I'm not going to have him in the main house again though, not now I've got new carpets this year!

Had two hogs again last night, no sign still of any little ones though, but I didn't have any here last year either, the two I had contact with were the one I found wandering down the park, and the one the vets gave me to look after. Talking of vets, I am taking Emma to see Damien tomorrow, bit worried about her coughing, maybe she needs to be on tablets now.


oldcrow61 said...

Good heavens Jan, there never seems to be a dull moment at your place. Hope Emma will be okay. Sneak a picture of lovely Damien with your phone camera, lol. Want to see what this jewel looks like.

nicola said...

ha ha, I read that as OC wanted to look at his jeweles!!!! Must stop taking medicine

Jan said...

Lol, actually nic, so did I, had to look twice and say it out loud! Rude OC!

nicola said...

not just me then...although do you think he would show the ole' crown jewels?

Karen said...

Jan, you sound just like me over the fireworks. I walk around all day hoping it will rain. I feel so sorry for the wildlife and it was like world war three here Friday/Saturday and again this evening.