Saturday, 3 November 2007

More shades of Autumn

Took Emma down to my favourite place by the river this afternoon, and took some more photos of the autumn colours of the trees, this really is such a beautiful time of the year. Weather mild, no wind, and dry still, no rain for a whole week, can't believe it. I woke up so full of enthusiasm because it was sunny with blue skies, and thought I'll take Emma to the beach today, but checked on the tides, and it would have been high tide, typical, and also, by the time I'd done a couple of bits here and fed the birds, it had completed clouded up. Ended up just pacing around, cleaned the bathroom, and doing little else until lunchtime. Emma is limping like hell too from yesterday, she can't do long walks like that anymore sadly. Anyway, time to do the evening teas, and a full night ahead of tv for me. Oh and volume turned up to drown the noise of the inevitable fireworks I suppose. There's a do on down the football field - I suppose we will have three nights of it though unfortunately, poor bloody birds and other creatures out there. Doubt I shall see much of the hedgehogs.


oldcrow61 said...

Beautiful pictures Jan. Looks so lovely over there.

Janine said...

Looks like a fungus growing on the leaves.