Monday, 19 March 2007

Not a good day...

Had a bad start to the day, well bad from going to bed last night really, had an awful night's sleep, the noise of the wind howling, and the cables slap against my wall and kept waking me up. I had to get up twice for a wee, and looked out to see lots of snow, and was worrying about my friend Irene driving back, she was leaving Essex at 4.30 am. Also I was worrying about my electric running out and then leaving my birds in the dark in their shed. This is because Powergen still haven't sent me my new card to buy tokens with for the electric, and I have been running as low as I dare with the British Gas ones, I am not leaving a lot in credit to lose it like I did last time when I swapped from Swalec. I thought it would run out during the night, and then I can push the button and get £4 emergency credit, which is what I decided to do, because I was convinced my card would turn up this morning. Haha. What is it with these energy suppliers? Don't they want your money? I transferred to them last Wednesday, and they told me the card had been sent when I rang to enquire on Friday. What by? Strapped to a snail?

Anyway, what happened was it didn't run out, and I decided to have a shower. And guess what? It ran out half way through when I was covered in lather and conditioner on my hair. So I had to go to the kitchen to push the button, came back to the shower, and it wouldn't bloody work! Just kept going through the sequence of numbers and coming up Error. Shit. So there I am dripping all over the bathroom floor, bloody freezing cold, and the shower has given up. So I thought I'll have to rinse my hair off under the tap. Ran the hot tap knelt down in the bath, and it was scalding, too hot. So then I get out of the bath and end up having to fill the washbasin with warm water, and rinse my hair in that, and then rinse myself off with the flannel! I tried the shower about half an hour later, and it worked then! Typical.

After the humour if you like of that, I had some upsetting news. My next door neighbour died in the night, well at 11 pm last night to be precise. Am very upset about it, she was a dear, sweet, lovely old lady, and I will miss her. We used to have difficult conversations as she was very hard of hearing, and couldn't understand my accent I don't think, even when she could hear me, but we managed with various hand signals and shouting. She always took an interest in what plants and flowers I had in my tubs, and loved Emma. Poor old dear was 91 and had a slight stroke a few weeks ago, and she has been home for two weeks, and having to be nursed round the clock, so it was on the cards, just a matter of time. One of her daughters in law came round to tell me, she has been there practically all the time looking after her. I had guessed as much really as there were four lots of cars outside last night, and two of them pulled away at 1.30 this morning, which was one of the other times that I woke up, not used to noise of car doors and headlights lighting up my room at that time of the morning. I now wonder who I will get moving in next door, things will never be the same again, either better or worse. No good worrying about it till it happens I know. Hopefully it will be someone nice, and who is quiet, but me being the pessimist always fears the worst. I had a good cry when I looked out around teatime, and saw the hearse and the coffin arriving. :(

The weather has been good then bad then good then bad all day, in about half hour intervals, lots of snow showers, sleet, hailstones, and then blue sky and sunshine. I did manage to get out with Emma for an hour though to break the monotony and managed to avoid all the nasty bits. Went to my favourite place by the river, as I thought it would be more sheltered there, the northerly wind is bitter cold and strong today, there are daffodils in their thousands are out everywhere which cheered me up a bit, and lots of little lambs around.


oldcrow61 said...

Sorry to hear about your neighbor Jan. I do hope you get someone really nice moving in next door. I love the pictures of the daffodils, makes me feel good just looking at them and Emma, so cute as always.

nicola said...

sad news jan, one of my customers died recently out of the blue, was such a shock, I just welled up when her daughter told me couldnt believe it...

Hey you never know you might get some hunk move next door ;)

mydogbrandy said...

Sorry to hear about the passing on of your neighbour. Crossing fingers (and toes!) that any new neighbour you get is as nice or nicer.

The daffodils are cheery & lambs are always so cute.

I hope you've received the new card from Powergen by now. Am glad you didn't catch a cold from that extended morning shower.

Leazwell said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Seems it's "Bad Day at Black Rock" all around. I am sorry your neighbor passed away.

I thought you would like to know Striker had to be put down. We always want to keep holding on. Oddly enough grief has its own recuperative powers but it requires patience.

Hope you will visit again. Your area is lovely but today your picures are making me cry.