Sunday, 4 March 2007

Aberporth and the Lunar Eclipse....

Weather fabulous yesterday, so I decided to do three things in one round trip like I used to do last year. Namely take Emma for a good old huff round on the beach, go to the Tesco at Cardigan for a change, and then on the way back get some wild bird seed and sunflower hearts from Cilgerran.

Aberporth beach is one of my favourites, as long as the tide is out, which luckily it was, I didn't check before I left, but would have still gone anyway. It means you get access to two bits of beach instead of one, and a large expanse of rocks too. Emma had a great time as usual, and was straight in the water, a wave hit her and she got washed back in, but she didn't bat an eyelid bless her, and went back out again! The little cafe come gift shop was open by the car park so I got veggie burger and chips and we sat on the bench overlooking the bay and ate them, was really great, coat not necessary.

Went on to Tesco, not been in there for months since we have our own Xtra more local, but I find it hard to understand why a small store like this has stocks of things that the huge one doesn't? I will have to contact them to find out I suppose, but for instance, Xtra doesn't stock Cravendale milk, and never has done, but Cardigan one does. Also I buy the economy sultanas for the birds, Carmarthen only has the mixed fruit, not the sultanas or raisins. Why? Again, they never have done, not because they've proved unpopular so they no longer sell them. Find it strange.

My great day was rounded off by two fantastic things - one being Celebrity Fame Academy, my favourite ever ever reality tv programme, watched every second of it and can't wait for it to start properly now on Wednesday. Also the live streaming will be on each day from 7am to 1 pm, so glad I have the sky red button else I would be gutted to miss that!

The second thing was the lunar eclipse last night. I was in and out of the door from about 9pm onwards with the binoculars, plus had it on the tv and my laptop, there were a lot of us on the digitalspy forum I belong to who were comparing notes, photos and comments, I loved it. Emma didn't though and was growling at the tv all the time, just a low throaty growl. Someone reported cockerels crowing, someone else's cat was behaving strangely, and lastly, something quite bizarre and worrying happened here too. I was outside on the front path watching about 11.30pm when something, which I first thought was a bat, hit my front bungalow wall. It floundered around and as I was about to approach, I could see it was a bird. It was a male blackbird, could see it fairly well because of the street lights. I don't know where he'd come from, but he kept flapping and trying to fly up the wall, finally turned and flew off into the dark. I hope he'll be all right, poor thing. What on earth was he doing flying around in the dark? And why fly up the wall? I'll never know. Just hope he found somewhere safe to perch wherever he went. Someone suggested strange magnetic fields because of the eclipse, I don't know. Something has just stirred in my memory though about ley lines, I know little about it, but remember that someone from another forum I used to belong too ages ago, worked out that I have one in almost that same spot that the blackbird hit. How spooky.


Anna said...

Wasn't it a lovely day yesterday??

Nicest spring day I've seen in ages.

Shame about today through... non-stop rain here.

oldcrow61 said...

Wow, that's quite a picture of the eclipse. What a lovely beach, and herself in the water of course. Doesn't she just love it.