Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Erm, Tuesday, Sunshine and Sheep

Another fantastic day, weatherwise. It was in the 60s today with little breeze, could have easily been May. I started some runner bean seeds today, 18 of them, not sure if they will come up though, they are two year old ones that I found in the cupboard, if not will buy some plants later on. I've already got 9 teeny tomato plants coming through and some sweet peas. Will get some cucumber started soon, and I fancy having a go at some peppers too this year. I am going to dig a little veg plot up near the greenhouse to put the beans and stuff in this year, instead of using a tub, maybe do some lettuces too.

I went to Irene's around lunchtime, she has two ewes that have just had their lambs, one has triplets and one twins, so cute, especially the little black one. Took Emma across the road to the fields by the river for her walk today, as the sheep are in the other ones now to be closer for keeping an eye on them. There is another ewe who was looking like she was about to start her lamb, but nothing happening whilst I was there unfortunately. I have seen one giving birth before though a few years back, very moving.

Irene gave me lots of wire panels that she used for puppy runs, so I have set up a more or less permanent place along the back fence for the guinea pigs to go out, they've already been outside in the sunshine yesterday and today for a little while, they love it, but I don't want to risk them being out with no overhead cover this year like I did last year, incase the cats get in here, not worth the risk, and of course a sparrowhawk may fancy its chances too, I'd never forgive myself.


Pauline said...

Love the lamb pics, I used to look after them when I was young, used to bottle feed one if they were triplets as my father said they would nt get enough milk.

Leazwell said...

I adore sheep and nothing sets a stone structure off better.