Saturday, 31 March 2007


...can someone manage to hit and kill a poor bird ten yards from a main road junction in a cul-de-sac??? And not just any bird, it had to be one of my pair of Dunnocks. I am absolutely gutted. I was sitting outside on my bench in the garden this morning in the half an hour sunshine we had, watching one of them ducking under my cover to take food from the hedgehogs' dish. I love these little birds, often ignored because of their dull plumage, but to me, they are so sweet, beautiful song, and they are quite tame. I know it's sad when any bird is killed but if it had been a sparrow or chaffinch, well, there's dozens of them here. I've brought the little body back and put him or her under the holly bush so that its mate will see it and know that it's gone.

I went to take Emma out in the car, and found one of them freshly killed, still warm, just yards from my garden. How bloody careless can people be, I mean, what speed were they going to be unable to avoid? If they'd just turned the corner into my road or were heading to the junction to turn into the main road, max 5mp either way I would have thought. Suppose it was some bloody boy racer with his boom box going and grinning at his mates. I know you can't always avoid hitting birds when you are driving at speed and they come out of the banks and hedges.

And on a just-as-cheery note, so much for the weather forecast. We were supposed to have unbroken sunshine today and a lovely few days forecast. It's bloody freezing again, gale force gusts of cold north-easterly wind, greenhouse getting blown about as usual. The only thing to be said I suppose is it's bright and not raining.

And to finish today's happy edition, I don't feel all that well, so it's a good job that I didn't go visiting. I woke up this morning with a really sore throat, last night I had the shivers, and I am sneezing and have a headache.

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oldcrow61 said...

Aw, Jan, sorry to hear about the little bird. So sad. Hope you're feeling better today.