Thursday, 15 March 2007

Mainly doggy stuff

My friend Irene has gone away for a few days to see her mum, and to look at property to buy, because she has now received, and accepted, an offer on her smallholding. So I offered to go over and let her dogs out for a wee, as her partner only gets half an hour for lunch, and couldn't even get there and back in that time!

So I went over around 11.30 today, she had put the key through my letter box on her way this morning (at about 4.30 am! OMG!) so I went in and got nearly flattened as usual by the choccie labs and the cocker, all so excited to see me. So I go to the back door, undo 4 bolts, only to find that it needs a key too - no key! I looked on the key hanging place which had bunch which said House Keys, but none of these worked either. Meanwhile, the dogs are going frantic, crossing their legs I expect. So I had to go outside to ring Irene's mobile (she can't get a signal in the house, only a very limited one outside too) Anyway, rang and it was on voicemail. OMG. Went back in, having left a message, and thought I'd have to just give them a biccie and go off and hope she rings me back shortly and I would go back after taking Emma for a walk. Tried ringing her again, still no good. Was about to leave and she rang me back to tell me where the backdoor key was! Bloody hell. Left them out for about 20 mins whilst I made myself a coffee, bribed them with three biccies each to get back out of the door in one piece...

Went and had a look round the shops in Lampeter, then took Emma up to the forestry where all the bluebells will be in a couple of months. There is only one parking space there on the side of the road, and dammit, someone else was parked there. I crammed up against the bank and we ate our lunch ( a low cal Tuna and Pasta John West thingy and an apple - yes I'm trying the diet again..) I hoped they would be back by the time I'd finished but no such luck. Anyway, decided to drive off round the other side of the forest and see if there was anywhere else, and would you believe, I found a better bit, with two public footpaths, much nicer walk than the other place anyway, it just meant going right round the other side along a lane for about a mile. So we had a nice walk, even though by now it was drizzling with rain. Nice to find some new places.

Tomorrow I am going to show her prospective purchasers and their parents around Irene's place, should be fun! Hope they don't want to walk the 8 acres, after all the bloody rain we've had again, it will be like a bog. And I've to shut the dogs in the pen out back before they arrive if possible, so that they don't flatten them like they did me!


oldcrow61 said...

lol, I can imagine the state you and the dogs were in when you couldn't get the door opened. Nice pictures.

Anonymous said...

I had the same experience Jan - I was house sitting a friend's doggie at her house - I went to go in the first day and the key she gave me did not work - luckily I figured out it was one of those tricky keys that you have to say rituals and swear at a bit and then stand on your head and it worked!!! Poor puppy!!! I love your blog. thanks for coming to mine.