Sunday, 14 January 2007

Things looking up

Well, I could still enter and win a competition for the nearest thing to a human dalmation, but at least I am feeling about 50% back to normal. I made up my mind last night that unless the weather was horrendous today, I was going out and that was it. I was on the last day's supply of sunflower hearts, wild bird seed, and had run out of suet pellets days ago, so a trip to Pets at Home was urgently needed. It was a gorgeous day, could easily be mistaken for early April, warm, dry, sunny, blue skies, no wind.

I had to clear the car windscreen, the condensation was awful, and I was worried it wasn't going to start but it fired first go. Touch wood, that car is a gem. Got my trolley load - another £40 bites the dust, and I still need peanuts, and millet and budgie and cockatiel seeds for my own birds, but I buy that elsewhere, and haven't completely run out of that yet. I also popped in Tesco and got a few things I forgot to order from the home delivery, and looked at the tellies. I am thinking of buying a 37" LCD or Plasma, taking my time to make up my mind though, now I've seen them and taken some measurements, I know what I do and don't want. Everyone is out of stock at the moment though, so will have to wait anyway.

Went round to McDonalds drive thru, ordered my usual roast veggie melt meal with coffee, drove down to the overflow car park, opened up the bag, and found they'd given me a bloody BLT one, so had to drive all the way back up, stomp in the shop, but they changed it no problem, full of apologies, they just bunged the whole lot I took back in the bin! What a waste, there was nothing wrong with it. I wish I'd thrown it to the birds actually, because I couldn't eat half of the proper thing anyway, and brought some home and chucked it and some chips out for the birds here (sorry Emma! )

Then took Emma round the reservoirs, I struggled though, I really did, felt like I was about 80 years old going round there, but I did it eventually, and I think she was grateful!

Came home and took Diddy boy out in the back with me whilst I did my feeders, picked up 8 days worth of Emma's poo off the front lawn, and then before I finally collapsed, managed to shovel up 5 weeks crap from the aviary flight and inside the shed, not a proper clean but a vast improvement, I will see if I can do it properly another day this week.

So all in all, a result, still feel weak and a bit achy but at least I managed to get something done today. Things can only get better.


oldcrow61 said...

So happy to hear that you are feeling so much better. Heavens you got a lot of stuff done today. Bet Emma enjoyed the outing.

Anonymous said...

Glad your feeling better, you v had a good day, and its hard looking after the livestock when your feeling poorly,you have to feed and water, but other things just have to wait untill your feeling up to it. Pauline.

Pete said...

pleased things are getting there

nicola said...

Pleased you are feeling better jan

Boo said...

Yes Jan, so am I. Don't overdo it though like I did!