Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Bored bored bored

Another days dawns, and another thousand spots have appeared. I now have hardly a square inch of flesh anywhere on my body that doesn't have a spot on it. I sure have to do things wholeheartedly don't I?

Anyway, not going to talk about that again, I expect everyone is as sick of it as I am. Today has been a lovely day here, and I thought maybe I would take Emma out to my favourite place down by the river where I would be unlikely to meet anyone else, but in the end, sadly I just don't feel up to it. I have managed to do my birds and clean a couple of feeders out - the RSPB 4-port one that I've been using for the sunflower hearts was in a hell of a state, I've ended up having to bin about half a jug of hearts too because they were waterlogged and stinking. They still cannot come up with a watertight feeder can they? I've tried about 6 different types now and they are all the same, and you end up wasting loads. It's turned a lot colder of course as soon as the sky clears inevitable at this time of year, but still, has been nice that I could let Emma out for a wee and not have to dry her everytime she comes back in. Other than that, I've just sat and watched the E4 live feed of Celebrity Big Brother, which isn't particularly exciting, but okay I suppose. Feel very bored though, there's stuff that needs doing but I don't feel like it, too hot and sweaty and headachy as soon as I move, so have given up. I'm definitely going to run out of some foodstuff before I can be seen out in public unless I wear one of those full-face woolly hat things with just eyeholes.

Diddy Boy has been playing up a bit today, I think he's feeling frisky, spring in the air and all that, and he lunged at Emma this morning and scared the shit out of her, so she is giving him a wide berth at the moment. He's been bloody crowing in here non-stop too and doing my head in, but the funniest thing is he thinks that my dog slippers are real, and follows my feet around, and earlier he put his head down to my right foot, and was waiting for the toy dog to groom him. Nearly laughed I did, so it must be have funny.

Oh well, see what tomorrow brings I suppose.


Boo said...

Order your food via the internet, Tesco deliver. Mind, they also charge for the privilege!

You'd better warn Diddy that if he attacks Emma again Phoebe is coming to sort him out!

It can't last much longer Jan, the spots must start crusting over soon, then you will start to feel better.

More cyber hugs

nicola said...

Boo thats what I was going to put!

Hugs here, but I aint getting close!

Jan said...

Boo, you're a genius, and if I had a brain I'd be dangerous. I've just done my first ever ever order for Tesco to deliver my groceries, they are coming Friday between 12 and 2, and I can put on a yashmak or something when the driver comes and pretend I'm asian! It's only £5.75, it costs me about £2.50 in fuel if I go there myself so not too bad at all. It was so easy, a bit scarey that by logging in as I use them for insurance and stuff, they immediately have a list of everything I've bought for about the last year though. Big Brother does exist, but on the other hand, very useful he is too. I had a major hiccup in that I added everything to my basket, then clicked for checkout and it said I had an empty basket - it doesn't like my browser, so I had to do it all again using IE7, but got there in the end. Very exciting stuff!

Boo said...

So glad you have it sorted Jan. I think the price is very reasonable considering you don't have the hassle of getting there, then running round the shop and queueing at the tills.

Hope they deliver everything you ordered in perfect condition. Let me know, you never know, I might need to do it myself one day, even if they are next door!

oldcrow61 said...

I love the picture of you as a child. Adorable. Hope you are feeling a bit better today.

Anonymous said...

That chicken is totally amazing!!