Friday, 19 January 2007

Here we are again...

My week has been much of a muchness, mainly sitting on my bum watching the goings on in Celebrity Big Brother. I am only too glad that I've had something to entertain me though as I haven't felt like doing a lot, just the odd small task each day, and I have been wiped out physically. Yesterday, I had it on from 6am till 11pm! How sad am I. Main reason for the early start though was the horrendous gales we had going on outside. I woke at 1am, 3am and 5.35am. That time the noise was so bad, one of the gusts I thought was sure to have taken my aviary, so I got dressed and went out, but no, it was still there. Thank god. A small outer protection panel had been wrenched off from the safety porch, but all else was there. Slight damage to to fence panels that are rotting away anyway, and some bits of tree on the front grass, my big plant pots blown over, but otherwise thankfully intact. The wind eased off mid-morning and we had quite a pleasant afternoon. I managed to get Emma a walk round the park anyway, so we both got a bit of air and exercise.

What else can I report in my exciting life? Oh yes, I got the result of my mamogram back at long last, and thankfully all okay, so I'm back on the HRT. I can't put up with the hot flushes and night sweats any longer, it's so unpleasant. This morning I had my doctor's checkup to get the results of the blood tests I had done two weeks ago. My thyroid has gone slower, and apparently the test is done in two parts, one part shows that it's within the normal range, but the other part shows that it is struggling to cope to keep this functioning normally, so I am on double dose of thyroxine from now on. I only hope when the HRT kicks in too, I will start to feel my age instead of about 70. My doctor said no wonder I was feeling so ill when she saw me, with the chicken pox on the way, and not surprised that I still don't feel that good, she says it's very bad when you get it for the first time at my age, and with my other health problems. Aren't I just the lucky one.

Talking of which, I still have my ongoing broadband disconnect problem too. Trust me to have a unique, and unheard of problem with this too. I had an expert BT engineer here yesterday (lucky me, yet another man in my bedroom for over an hour....) Actually, he was a Michael Stipe lookalikey, (Singer from REM for those who don't know) Anyway, I digress. He checked everything, most thorough of all the three lots of people I've had here, and used his own laptop and modem, and could see the problem straight away, said it was in the exchange. Went away, came back, and still no good. Back and forth, in the loft, put me a new broadband something or other, and it's still no good. He was going to put in a request for some other team to sort it out now, it may mean a whole new line coming across to me from the exchange, he says I'll have to bear with it a bit longer, but they will sort it, so I am full of hope! Meantime, I can cure the problem by unplugging my phone line from the socket and just having the broadband plugged in, so anyone who wants me can contact me if desperate by ringing my mobile. It will still then disconnect, because any activity on my line is enough, but at least it will stop the every 20 minutes thing. This guy really knew his stuff too, and he'd never come across or heard of the problem before. Typical of my luck again.

Been out and bodged up the two fence panels, and did a repair on a third one, which I didn't know was on it's way too. Had to go round and knock at the neighbour who lives behind me to get to them from her back garden, so that made a better job of it.Looking like I shall have to replace all four along the back this year though, they are almost completely rotten, so much for the 10-year life they are supposed to have, I've given them coats of cuprinol too, and after 5 years they are buggered.

I'm excited, I took the plunge and ordered my new tv. 37" Toshiba LCD. Being delivered on Monday. Left myself skint but sod it, I like my telly, and I don't spend my money on anything else apart from the birds and pets. I desperately need to get my old one sold though, it's so big, I just haven't the space to have it laying around for long, it's also bloody heavy. Nearly killed myself moving it into the bedroom, so I'm all ready for the new one. I got my 17" LCD in here temporarily to get used to the fantastic clear pic. There's really no comparison. Although my old one has a great picture, it's only just over 2 years old, and widescreen, but the LCD have such depth, it's like watching in 3-d as if you are actually there, so I can't wait to see it in the H U G E screen! :)


nicola said...

new tv sounds great jan! Hope you get the broadband sorted soon

Pete said...

phew on the mammogram!!

enjoy your telly ;)

Boo said...

Yes, good news on both counts. Shame about the broadband though, hope it gets sorted soon.