Friday, 12 January 2007


Spots are fading a bit thank god. Still feel crap though. Woke up with a terrible headache, taken pills but it's still there faintly. Trouble with me too is that my old achy joints need a bit of exercise else I stiffen up and hurt like hell, but haven't felt like moving around either, so it's a vicious circle there. I'm fed up with the weather too, I would have probably tried a little 10 minute walk with Emma today just to get her and me out, as the spots on my face aren't too bad at all, I almost look human even if I don't feel it, but it's been bloody blowing a gale and peeing down most of today again.

My Tesco home delivery arrived within ten minutes of the start of my time slot, and I'm thrilled to bits with the service. Everything I asked for, delivered by a lovely polite young man, who brought it all into the kitchen for me, only two items I ordered weren't available, and they send substitutes which you don't have to accept. The bad news was I intended treating myself to two iced buns, and they didn't have them, only a pack of 6! So I've eaten four already. I can't speak highly enough of the service. For £5.99 they have to supply van, driver, someone to shop and pack all the stuff for you, all the overheads, wages. I mean living here, it could be on the cards that I would be the only one that day who wanted stuff, and they would still have to do it wouldn't they? It's made me feel a sense of relief in a way that if ever I can't drive, or can't afford to run a car, I would still be able to get some decent shopping without having to worry about lugging loads back on the bus, well as long as I still have my faculties anyway.

Oh well, I'm hoping that tomorrow I may feel physically a bit better and I can get out somewhere, I don't think I will be contagious anymore. My poor birds aviary needs cleaning out so badly too, I keep looking at it, but just can't face it, and then there's the busted fence panel....


Boo said...

Glad your shopping arrived ok, shame they only had 6 iced buns, but pleased to see that you did your bit for them!

I might try it myself one day, even though they are only next door to me!

Pete said...

pleased you feeling a bit better.

oldcrow61 said...

So glad to hear that you are coming along. Great about being able to get you shopping delivered. We have a small grocery store about 2klms away and they will deliver if you phone in an order and will even pick you up at your house, take you to the shop and then bring you home again at no charge. I think it's marvelous, you don't see much of that these days.

mydogbrandy said...

Hope you are feeling lots better Jan. I only just got round to checking out your website as was overly busy the last week.

What a wonderful service Tesco has, it's always nice to hear about good service and polite delivery guys.

Could I ask what iced buns are? I don't think they are available here. Are they a U.K specialty? I am sorry that you had to make do with 6 iced buns instead of 2 :)

Wish I could send you some sunshine (but not the awful humidity). Take care.

Jan said...

Hi Chris, Iced buns are also called Iced Fingers, they are a soft cake, sort of the size of a chocolate eclair normally, and they are made from a breadish type substance (tell I'm not a cook!) and they have a gooey layer of icing sugar on the top. Sometimes you can get them with pink icing and some have sultanas in, but I like the plain ones best. I ate the whole six in two days. :(

We had some sunshine today. It could have been April here :)