Sunday, 7 January 2007

OMG I've erupted!

Just like Mount St Helens. After my visit to the doctors on Friday, started to feel progressively worse and went to bed early. That was a waste of time. I don't think I slept a wink all night. I just laid there in so much pain, and I know for sure that I got up every two hours to go for a wee, because I checked the clock each time. Pretty sure I never slept at all. Consequently, yesterday morning I couldn't even stand up without wanting to spew or pass out. Managed to uncover the budgie, let Diddy out of his cupboard, let Emma out for a wee and crawl back into bed. Finally managed to stagger up to do my aviary birds at 1 oclock and then again fall back into bed. Felt absolutely terrible. I was convinced by this time that I have the flu however, nothing to do with the thyroid/b12/diabetes crap that I was tested for. I spent most of yesterday in bed, managed to get up for a couple of hours at teatime and watched tv for a while, did the pets teas, and then back to bed, dosed up with some paracetemol. Thank christ I actually slept from 10pm till 5 am. First thing I noticed was I was itchy. I mean, very itchy. All over. I actually was a bit itchy last night, but put it down to being really hot with the flu virus. Or so I thought. When I looked, I have red blotchy spots all over my torso, legs, neck, face, head (in the hair) and some on my back, (51 so far and counting) I've obviously scratched in the night, so had blood all down my back (yuck) These spots are full of yucky clear liquid, like blisters. So after a google, it would appear folks, that at the ripe old age of 52 I now have bloody chickenpox! Very rare in adults (but of course, I always have to be different) contagious for two to three days before the spots appear, and for 4 to 5 days after until the spots dry up (great, so that means I probably infected people at the doctors and the vets on Friday) caught anything from 10 to 20 days before the spots appear (so would account for why I've felt so crap for so long) It's airborne, so some bastard coughed on me! Or you can catch it from touching the germs on someone's hands. Just great innit? I now have to consult the doctor, as adults must do this, not sure if I will have to go up there again though, doubt it, don't think there's much they can do, only confirm my diagnosis! So now I am in solitary for a few days. Good job I keep the place stocked up with food, not that I want any, but for the pets. May run out of wild bird seed though. Oh and of course, going to see Damien will be out on Tuesday too, but not letting him see my spotty face even if it wasn't contagious.

The only good news is I've lost 4lbs because all I've eaten since Friday morning is a bowl of low fat rice pudding. I so wanted some lemsips or something yesterday, but there was no way I could walk round to the Spar shop and get some, and I could hardly phone a friend to get me some when they both live half an hour away. I found some lemsip flu capsules and thought yay, that will be better than nothing, then looked, best before April 2004. I'd never even opened them. So I still haven't. Bloody hopeless aren't I?


nicola said...

dont think ive had chicken pox. What would happen if diddy caught it...chicken chicken pox ?!?!? ;)

I do hope you are feeling better soon though, I think calamine lotion is meant to be good for the itchying

Jan said...

Great minds - I beat you to it with the chicken remark - see Emma's blog! Calamine would be lovely, chance would be a fine thing, I don't think I could face driving a 24 mile round trip today to get any. Sob. :(

oldcrow61 said...

omg, I can't believe it...Chicken Pox! You must be feeling awful. Can your doctor make a house call and give you something to help you through this? I've been thinking about you every day since you started getting sick. Hope you get through this quickly, hugs.

Anonymous said...

Only just read this, you must be feeling awful Jan. My kids all had chicken pox,they were nt all that poorly, but it can be nasty when your older,I know one young man in his 20 s had an awful time with it, he had blisters in his ears, I would phone the doc, he may know if there is chicken pox about.
I caught mumps and german measles off my kids, I was very poorly with german measles, all joints affected, could hardly walk up the stairs.
Everyone in town is sniffling and coughing, and I ve got another cold and cough, also Justin and Jo have it too.
Hope you feel better soon, Pauline.

Boo said...

I do sympathise with you Jan, I had chicken pox when I was around 20 and it was awful.