Thursday, 11 January 2007

Another boring day

Not much to say really, the spots appear to be retreating a bit, some are scabby, not so itchy, but I still feel achy, especially my head, haven't felt like doing anything today again, done even less than yesterday. Maybe because I had a bad night, should have gone to bed earlier, I have been getting into a pattern whereby going about 10pm means I was getting 6 hours and waking about 4am. Last night it was nearly midnight, and I still woke at 4am. Also think I woke momentarily a few times inbetween too, because of the noise of the wind, absolutely horrendous. Gritted my teeth and hoped for the best with the aviary. Thankfully all still standing this morning. Only a few casualties, my squirrel feeder was smashed to bits on the floor, where it had got blown out of the tree, one of my back fence panels is swinging, not sure if I can repair this one like I did the last one, but certainly don't feel like doing it at the moment, and two of my tubs with the shrubs in blown over, but not broken. Just sat again since I've been up really, apart from doing the bird feeders of course. Poor robins and tits are going to be unlucky for a few days as I've now run out of the suet pellets. They love them so much. They will have to make do with sunflower hearts and the fruit now instead, they won't starve. My sunflower hearts will only last until about Sunday if I'm lucky, but maybe I will be able to pop out then if the spots fade a bit on my face, have to see how I feel, surely this can't go on much longer, it's 7 days now of feeling crap, apart from the not feeling quite right thing for about 10 days before that, it's just dragging on and on.


Boo said...

Now that the spots are starting to receded or scab over you will soon start to feel better. Hope so anyway.


nicola said...

i do hope its not much longer for you jan

oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like you are on the way to getting better now that the spots are scabbing over. More hugs flying your way.

Anna said...

Michael says that once you start to scab you feel much better, so fingers crossed!

Poor you, it's no fun. :(