Sunday, 21 January 2007


I never know what to call my blog each day, I sit here thinking of all sorts of titles, how stupid, and end up getting cross. Unless I go somewhere specific to do something specific, it's just gonna be called Sunday, Monday, whatever!

Having said that I'll now mention that yesterday was Saturday (funnily enough) and I went to Newcastle Emlyn to get out for an hour or so, as it was a bright sunny day, but it was very windy still and a lot colder than of late. On the other bank of the Teifi and in the fields there, was the biggest flock of Canada Geese I've ever seen there, numbering around 200 at least. I took a few pics but only with my Nokia, but all the blobs on the grass are geese!

Today, I managed to motivate myself at last to clean out my aviary, clean my living room and kitchen windows, which were filthy and mud-splattered, pick up Emma's poos from the front lawn and take her for a walk to my favourite place at Maesycrugiau. I am now completely knackered, and my back is breaking, but at least I achieved something. The river Teifi down there was raging, at one point where there is normally a small waterfall, it was roaring, deafening white-water. Had to stick Emma's feet in a bowl of soapy water when we got back, she was not impressed, but she was plastered in mud, and no way was she going in the water today to wash herself off! It was moving at about 70mph, anything falling in there wouldn't have stood a chance. I saw the person who has the three springer spaniels, they normally go in, but not today thank goodness.

This weather is so crazy though, it's turned very cold, probably going to have a frost tonight by all accounts, and the chance of snow showers tomorrow. Down the road, daffodils are in full bloom already, at least 6 weeks early.


oldcrow61 said...

Wow, that's a lot of geese. I can't imagine Daffodils in bloom this time of year. Must be lovely. Sounds like you had quite a busy day.

mydogbrandy said...

I was supposed to clean house too yesterday but I didn't. My excuse was a cold but I know deep down it was pure laziness. I will have to do it today though and the cold is still there.

I went back to read your posts since the last time I stopped by. Am glad you are feeling better from the chicken pox and that the doctors' visits all went ok.

Wow, a 37" LCD. Enjoy yourself!