Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Sunday - Caerphilly Big Cheese

Hectic day, but most enjoyable. Got up early to do the farm, rushed back and got ready to drive to the other side of Wales to visit Caerphilly Castle and then to Alan's dads later for tea. It was absolutely boiling hot, in fact, I can't really remember a hotter day in this country. I think you could have cooked an egg on the grass, never mind the concrete. Anyway, it was fantastic, lots of stalls, including one being run by Alan's sister and her husband, a large fairground, craft stalls, food, and the castle itself was brilliant. Live groups playing in various locations, lots of ducks and geese in the moat. Inside the castle walls there were re-enactments of ancient battles going on with men dressed in costume, fires burning, archery - it was like stepping back in time several centuries.

So anyhow, finally got home at just before 10pm thoroughly knackered, but a great day, glad I didn't have to drive home though, could hardly keep my eyes open, the heat just wiped me out and wandering around for about 4 hours.

Other news - now have 7 robins coming here to feed! Two adults appeared yesterday, and again today, and one of them is definitely reacting to the name "Sausage" He may just be my original little man, I so hope so, of course, having had no contact with me for a few months now (since about April I think) he may be wary, although he never would come that close, only within a few feet. I have Frank and Pepper really tame, Sal coming almost to me, and there's two more baby speckly ones, one of which is fairly confident, only a matter of time I think till it comes to hand.

Lastly, my beautiful Lily finally bloomed, very late this year, and the summer is over for now, been sunny and warm on and off, but really heavy rain too, windy and last night had a storm for half an hour or so. I knew it was too good to last....

Click to enlarge this one - see the face in the cloud? I did, of course.

Inside The Great Hall, live group, really good

Some of my flowers in the garden -


oldcrow61 said...

Great pictures. What an interesting place and so many people. Your flowers are beautiful.

Tricia said...

Sounds like a great day out Jan. I like the long line of geese there.

7 Robins!! lucky you :)

Pete said...

oh that blue sky!!

Anonymous said...

As usual, I'm chuffed to read about your interesting and jam-packed days.