Thursday, 17 July 2008

Sunday's day out - Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park

Fabulous place, been there before with friends a few times. Alan hadn't. It was a lovely day, great place to go with dogs, nice walk, lots of animals, and the icing on the cake - if you are lucky - Atlantic Grey seals in the wild. We were, there were two. Will just post some of the pics, I'm not going to edit them, just as they come off the memory card so apologies if they are too large and take forever to load on your pc! The last ones are all the seal pics, so it's not just a photo of the sea, you will see them if you click on the image. ;o)

Here's the web address, you can see for yourselves all the other stuff!

Okay so on the way back, we called in at Mwnt, an unspoilt little place with just one tiny shop selling some snacks and buckets and spades etc. We climbed right to the top of the mound, very steep and quite a feat being as we'd already walked a fair old distance. There's a quaint little church and the bells were ringing telling people to come to the service, a nice end to a Sunday, as was the sunset on the water. :)


Anonymous said...

As always enjoying your travels albeit after the fact. Lovely spot indeed.

oldcrow61 said...

I love the animal pictures. The coastline reminds me very much of here.