Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Saturday 26th July

Another gorgeous summer's day, and we took a picnic to Abergorlech, Brechfa forest. Great walk, great scenery, lots of nice polite Mountain bikers. Yummy food (even though I made it myself, cough), ice cream on the way home, what more could you ask? lol.

Went straight to the farm, so gave the dogs a bit of extra time, and played with the cats, Littley so funny, kept going inside one of the barns, and laying down inside out of sight, and then suddenly her paw would come through a small hole and feel all round the door. Then her head would appear to look, so Alan got a piece of grass and was tormenting, erm playing with her, lol.

Alan playing with Littley with Barra looking on in disgust...

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