Friday, 8 August 2008

Getting worserer!

I have to confess, I probably have had the time, but I just can't be bothered with this anymore. I think my problem is that I'm now only concentrating on weekend stuff, and we seem to go somewhere special each time, and I take lots and lots of photos, and then think, oh hell no, takes so bloody long to downsize, edit and upload here, and I put it off and off. Well I did the first two things last night, and now have about 40 photos to upload and still can't be bothered.

In a nutshell, Saturday we went to Cilgerran, took a picnic, and walked the entire length of the Teifi back to Llechryd, a round trip of about 5 miles. Emma struggled a bit, but we kept stopping and were only strolling. The highlight (apart from the food of course....) was I saw TWO Kingfishers! As many as I've seen before in my lifetime. One at Llechryd end, and then another back near Cilgerran castle, so highly unlikely it was the same one. Alan to thank, he spotted them, and where they went, and we just stopped and waited till they re-appeared. No chance of a photo though, swiftly flying off down river each time.

Sunday we went to St Fagans, near Cardiff. It's a place where they reconstruct, brick by brick, original historical buildings - it's a museum of Welsh culture. It's free, and it's brilliant! All sorts of buildings, churches, mills, toll house, farm house, a terrace of houses through the ages, all furnished with original stuff, had to laugh at the 1970s one which had the most enormous video recorder, an original shop with lots of products that I remember way back when. There's lakes, gardens, and a Castle. Lots of animals too, and of course spent time taking photos of them, especially the chickens lol. You can read all about it here, and if ever you are in Wales, I can highly recommend the place, don't miss it!

Other stuff this week - highlighted yesterday by getting some great pics at last of little Frank landing on my hand and taking the mealworms.

Weather been bloody terrible, torrential rain a couple of days, but won't go on about that, very depressed on that score, summer has been worse this year than last, and I never thought that would be possible. I have my heating back on, and it was dark enough to need lights on at 7pm last night, grrrrrr.

Not looking forward to next couple of weeks much, the workmen are coming to instal my oil central heating and the upheaval will be horrendous, worrying about where my guinea pigs are going to go, and the budgies, and Emma and and ...oh well no use worrying I guess, just wish it was done and in working order!

Okay, I will attempt to upload some of the photos anyway.

Right thats those, now for little Frank from yesterday....


oldcrow61 said...

Great stuff Jan. Pictures are marvelous. And little Frank on your wonderful is that!

Pete said...

love the Robin Jan

Tricia said...

Pictures are well worth all your efforts Jan - and your robin is a real cutie!!

Mary said...

I love those big thistle like things. I know the feeling about blogging. Blogger does seem to take a long time and often it just does not seem to work. I do like to read what is going on but my blog is also lagging abit.

Janine said...

Awwww love the shots of Frank! And the piggie looking up, too cute.