Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Another update

Okay so since last time, not counting the mousey stuff from the other day -

Wednesday - had a nice lunch at Pat's, walk with the dogs, lovely afternoon. Then to Alan's for the evening. A first for me, a man cooked me a meal, and very nice it was too, bless him. And he did the washing up after.

Thursday - Went to Docs in morning, walked Emma round the park as we were forecast bad weather for the afternoon. They weren't kidding. It was bloody awful. Sat and watched Wimbledon.

Friday - Housework.

Saturday - Alan came over, went to the nice baguette cafe for lunch in Newcastle Emlyn, then to Henllan with Emma, walk down the river and across the farm fields. Called in at the Steam Railway station on way back to check out train times, always wanted to go on that, so maybe will at last get the chance.

Sunday - Went to Beaulah car boot sale am, not much doing, not many stalls, weather wasnt too good, it chucked down when we were about 5 minutes from seeing all the stalls, and we got bloody soaked running back to the car, well there's a surprise.... Cwm Tudu for lunch, it stopped by then, and we sat outside the cafe, after the owner had wiped off the seats for us! In the afternoon, we went to visit some of Alan's relatives who live close by, he'd not seen them for years (they were relatives of his wife) We've been invited to a barbie in two weeks time, looking forward to that. Oh, don't faint, but I cooked us a Sunday roast - first time I've done that for many a moon I can tell you. Turned out good though. Oh and a bread and butter pudd for afters. Yum.

Monday - went back over to Alan's and then headed off toward Caerphilly to see his dad and sister again. This time though we went via the Brecon Beacons, and the scenery was breathtaking. I couldn't take photos really though, as it would have meant getting him to stop too often. Hope we can go again though and I will definitely take some. We went into a forestry place that had an activity centre and cafe, but the cafe was shut until next year! So we ended up with a burger from a roadside place, which was very nice anyway. Stopped on the way back for a MacDonalds, so had a really healthy eating day - not! Got home at 11pm. Dirty stop out.

Today - Supposed to be a heatwave, ha bloody ha. Well it's been fairly warm I suppose, I could actually be outside in a tee shirt whilst I cut all the grass, cut back lots of brambles and stingers. Went up the farm to help Kate trim a ewe's hoof who is lame. Had two machine loads of washing out on the line which would have been dry before I went up there at 4 o'clock. By the time I got home again after the dog walks and coffee and a chat, it was peeing down. Washing now drying in the bathroom, wetter than when I put it out. We have had torrential rain since then, like I've never seen. It was coming off the front gutter in the porch like Niagara Falls. So dark in here I really need to put the light on. Sick of this sodding summer already. Fed up with feeling cold half the time and having to have at least one of my heaters on almost all the time, bar about 10 nights so far. Grrrrrr.

Got the farm coming up now from Thursday, right through to following Wednesday now, no lambs to feed this time though. Oh went and saw my little Daisy for the first time in weeks, she came for a cuddle, and she kissed me and nibbled my neck, awww, hope Alan doesn't think I've got a lovebite, haha!

Cwm Tudu

Alan found some other boys to play skimming stones with....

Water water everywhere....


Pete said...

cwm tudu looks nice.

The Brecon Beacons are a lovely part of the country. the scenery is stunning.

oldcrow61 said...

Good heavens, you haven't stopped much. Great pictures. You're garden looks lovely. If that bread and butter pudd is as good as the Welsh Scones, I want the recipe. Big smile!

Janine said...

Lovely scenery as always Jan!

Anonymous said...

Like the urns with lilies and other, herbs, I think. Very nice.

Give a recipe for the bread and butter pud