Wednesday, 23 July 2008

The Summer - Day 5

Well we finally got some. Hot hot hot, no rain ssshhhhh! Even when the sun goes behind a cloud, and unfortunately there are still a few around, it's still warm, instead of that awful chill we have had so far this season. Loving it of course. Did quite a lot in the garden yesterday, and went shopping as quickly as possible today, and back in time to laze around outside enjoying it for a change. Got the farm to do at teatime, which is nice, cooler for Emma to have a walk anyway.

So what have I been up to otherwise since the last entry? Erm, well Saturday, we had a knock about on the tennis court, no laughing, finally got to try out my raquets and balls which have been festering in my boot for about 2 months since I bought them. Boy, did I feel old after, I hurt where I didn't know you could hurt, but most especially my back and my knees. I used to be a good tennis player, feel slightly gutted that it now seems beyond my capabilities. Anyway, we then went to Newcastle Emlyn, had a walk round the castle and then had some lunch, did farm in the evening.

Sunday was brilliant. Went to Aberystwyth, looked round the castle and gardens, Emma had a good old paddle in the sea, we ate on the prom at an outdoor cafe which all the bikers go to, and in the middle of eating my baguette, the heavens opened and we had a downpour, Alan rushed under the canopy with his chips, as did lots of the bikers, but I soldiered on bravely as most of me was either covered in my jacket with hood up or under the table! Luckily, was only a shower, and it cleared nicely later for our trip to the Red Kite feeding place and nature reserve just 10 miles east of Aber. They feed the kites at 3pm every day, and the scenery around there is fantastic, a lovely lake, and the view down across the valley below is spectacular. What's more, it's free to go in, just a nominal car park fee of £1.50, which I thought was brilliant. There was one amazing thing - an almost Albino Red Kite, if that makes sense! Hard to take photos, as the birds are constantly dipping and swooping of course. I should add here that right next to this reserve, which is managed by the RSPB, is an 8-turbine Wind Farm. I was most concerned about this of course, but had a long chat with the two guys there from the RSPB and they were adamant that no Kites had been killed by this farm, nor any other birds for that matter. I have to say that I feel slightly relieved, should the dreaded one go ahead here, maybe Bernie will be okay after all. Also, these turbines were less than half a mile away, and I could hear no noise at all, despite the blades rotating quite fast.

I've got lots of photos, but as I'm doing this outside in bright sunshine, not too sure if I will be able to see to do them justice or not!

Anyway, the best (if that's possible) till last, is my little Robin, Pepper. It's like having a new pet, I only wish I could protect him like you can your own, but of course nature isn't like that. Trying desperately not to get too fond of him, as the Sparrowhawk is making constant attacks here, bloody thing. There's two other baby Robins, Frank and Sal, as well as two adults, bit of fighting going on, but Pep seems to be winning all the battles so far. He is a constant companion when I'm outside, the photos appearing here are taken with the camera about 12" inches from him, and he shows no fear, he's been sunbathing on the arm of the bench as I sit here now, less than an arm's length away, and I'm almost certain I could stroke him. He has been actually landing on my palm now and staying a few seconds with his worm, before he was just grabbing and flying off as fast as possible, so the only photos are a complete blur unfortunately. Frank keeps landing near me too, but Pepper always appears and chases him away, poor Frank! Quick update, just got Frank to take a mealworm from my hand, yay! Pepper must've gone off somewhere for a sec!

Will now try to upload some of the photos anyway, so here goes, can hardly see the screen here, but if I don't do this now, I may not get round to it for ages again, I can't seem to get the motivation in the evenings now.

Newcastle Emlyn Saturday

Aberystwyth Sunday

Bwlch Nant yr Arian Sunday

Pepper today

Lastly, will just mention, but not going into detail that had a bad day on Monday, relationship wise. Was so close to it being a past relationship, but managed to sort things out thankfully, and I came home with this below as a peace offering, he is soooo romantic, sigh.


Pete said...

love the Robin!!

and the sun the sun the sun!!

oldcrow61 said...

Great pictures Jan. I can't get over pepper sitting so close to you on the bench. He seems so relaxed. I nearly fell over when I looked at that picture of Emma...the face on her, lol. What a doll! I think it's one of, if not the best picture I've seen of her. Beautiful rose btw.

Tricia said...

Good post Jan - lucky you with your Robins - great stuff :)

Janine said...

The kites floating in the air like that remind me of the vultures here. Much cooler with kites though! Pepper is cute.