Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Oh Gawd!

I don't know what's up with me, well apart from a massive dose of lazy-itus I suppose. I had a great weekend again. And I took something like 80 photos from the two very different places we went. But I just can't be bothered to download them off the memory card, edit the size and then load them 5 at a time on here. Sigh. I suppose I will get round to it maybe eventually. Like Anna with her holiday photos from Scotland last year! It's a shame because some of them are great, domestic animals mainly, saw some Atlantic grey seals in the wild too. Just feeling very lethargic. Not been feeling that well really for a while, digestive problems like I've not had for a few years now, and constant niggling headaches. Been getting me down, but still trying to soldier on bravely.

So all I'm going to do for now is the thing which has excited me most this past few days - a baby robin who has taken a liking to me. He's named Pepper, thanks to a suggestion from a bird forum member. He's so tame, I am sure he must be related to Sausage, who's not been seen for a few months now sadly, but I live in hope. I actually have three here, but the other two aren't interested in me or my food, and shoot off as soon as I appear. Not so Pepper. He hung around me all day yesterday when I was out in the garden. Nearly trod on him a couple of times, almost threw the mower box full of grass cuttings on him too on the compost/rubbish pile. I was outside eating my lunch and he was nearby, when a bird made an alarm call, and all others vanished into the holly bush in seconds. Not Pepper. He flew to me for protection! Later on, when I was bringing in my guinea pig bowl of food, there were some ants in it, and I was standing in the doorway with the dish in my hand trying to flick them out, and Pepper came and perched on the bowl. I was absolutely so thrilled. A first for me. This morning, I went out with my normal dish of mixed bird goodies, and showed him and he again came and perched on the rim and took a look. However, nothing took his fancy and he flew off and grabbed a fly from the fence panel instead as if to say, huh, no thanks, I'll eat some proper food! He does like bread crumbs though, and I almost got him to take some from my hand. A couple more days and I'll be there I think. Birds are so afraid of hands aren't they? Even my cockatiels in the aviary will tolerate being kissed or nuzzled with my nose, but put a hand anywhere near them and they shriek with fear and are away!

Baby Pepper

Baby Blackbird having a sunbathe

Baby Bluetit on the Sky dish

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oldcrow61 said...

What a darling little bird. You're very lucky to have him come so close. I've no doubt that he'll hop on your hand soon.