Monday, 2 February 2009

Since last time.....

Below are some photos. Lots of Frank from today, he's been at the windows all day asking for food. I think he's missed me this weekend, although I've seen him in the mornings, and he's had a few worms and some suet pellets, he obviously likes my cafe and prefers the free handouts rather than go look for stuff himself. I reckons he's had about 25 live mealworms today and loads of pellets. He was a bit fluffed up, although it was bloody cold of course. Hope he's ok though.

Right so other stuff I've done since last time includes going to the vets with Emma again, have to take her back in another week now for the repeat blood tests. Damien didn't think it was worth doing them last week as she had the bad attack of diarrhea due to eating some cod. Ooops. Had to tell a porky to him and say that she grabbed some from New Quay and ate it before I could stop her, not that it had been given to her deliberately. I really thought a little bit of white fish without the batter and no salt etc wouldn't harm her, but obviously not. She's been on the Hills Kd tinned and dry food mixed for a week now, and she is doing well. Had runny poos once but then she always did have a bit of an iffy tummy. Hopefully she will be ok now and see what the tests show if her levels have improved. Maybe she will have to stay on this stuff almost permanently. It is very hard to make sure she doesn't scavenge though, having to keep her on the lead all the time when we are out so that I can jerk her away from food that may have been discarded, and of course, even out in the garden she may find something that a bird has dropped, its a bit of a nightmare. I'm hoping that Damien will say maybe we can try re-introducing her the occasional proper dog treat, like little biscuits etc because her little face when she is just getting this same old stuff all the time, it's sad. She was back to "I'm not gonna eat this crap" last Monday and Tuesday, but Damien said don't worry, she will eat it when she's hungry enough, if she doesn't eat for 24 hours no problem, 48 hours - big problem! So far, so good though, and her tantrums rarely last more than about 10 mins lol.

Been out with Alan three days, last Wednesday was fantastic here, really warm, and we took Emma to Sandy Water Park again, and then down onto the beach at North Dock. Didn't really even need a coat. Fed the swans and ducks and we sat outside in the cafe on the balcony and watched the sun going down over Carmarthen Bay at 4.15pm, and it was bliss. The cafe was packed again, can't believe it in January, it was like being in Spain!

Also went to Park Howard on Saturday, didn't take anything to feed the ducks and geese, felt mean, but plenty of other people gave them some bread so they didn't starve. Was wondering what the pair of birds is with the goose - looked like mallards, but about three times the size - any ideas Pete? Hybrids maybe?

Today we had another lovely day here, sunshine and blue skies most of the day with the occasional little white flake coming down, not enough to even settle UNTIL 5pm, then we had a very heavy snow flurry with HUGE flakes for about half an hour, and we have about an inch of snow now. Whooppee! (Not) I always feel bad for the poor birds and other creatures when we have weather like this, there's loads of little lambs around at the moment, and because of the mild weather last week, noticed lots of birds courting and preparing to breed, this stupid weather is creating all sorts of problems in nature. Oh well, not much I can do about it, only carry on feeding half the population of Wales' birds here. Hey ho.

Let's see if this one will print sigh.


oldcrow61 said...

Jan, the pictures are absolutely wonderful. I love the spiders web between the stones and the spider. Awww poor little Emma must be missing her treats. I don't think I could handle the look on her face when she doesn't get them.

Betty said...

Your birds are cute. My favorite pictures, of course, are the pictures of Emma...she has such a sweet face. Hopefully, everything will sort itself out.

Glad you and Alan were able to spend time together.

Tricia said...

Jan - I think your mystery bird is a Greylag Goose. However, there is something odd about the top of its beak which suggests it may be something else! Perhaps someone else can help here too.

Some wonderful pictures particularly the setting sun over the sea :D

Pete said...

think that's your chappy.

any snow Jan??

Jan said...

Erm yeah. Thanks Tricia and Pete, maybe I didn't word it right though, I hadn't really thought about the goose, it was the two ducks in front of it I was wondering as to species. They look like Mallards (well the male did) but they were something like two and a half times larger than the mallards which were also in the pond.

Pete said...

oh probably farmyard escapes or hybrids

like the sunset btw