Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Yet another update

Dunno what I've done since last time really nothing out of the ordinary I don't think, but latest on Emma is that she had more blood tests done at the vets yesterday, waiting on results till Friday. It's all pointing towards the kidney problems though and Damien thinks that the blood will show the same as before. It will mean she will probably have to stay on the kidney diet food, which isn't a problem for me, it isn't that much more expensive than her normal food although I can only get it from the vets. The trouble is Emma has about one day a fortnight where she just wont eat it. I'm hoping that I will be able to allow her the odd treat biscuit, and that it won't make her ill, otherwise that's a big no-no. Will have to see what the main man says. Had a very long chat with him yesterday and sorted lots out

Doing a stint up the farm this week, started yesterday until Friday. I wasn't really looking forward to it with the weather, but it was bloody lovely up there today, not a breath of wind, and walking the dogs was a sheer pleasure. Only taking Emma for the afternoon one, it's too much for her to do both. She loves going down the slopey field to the brook at the bottom and had a good paddle today, must've been bloody freezing though! Great fun feeding the main flock of sheep with their pellet mix stuff, it's so funny with them all rushing down to the troughs, and 24 of them trying to get at the first scoop that I put out, good job my boots have steel toe caps.

I expect there's more but I just don't seem to have time to do anything at the moment, I've still not watched the Sunday night episode of Lost I recorded, and its my favourite ever programme, just not time to fit in around other programmes, being on here, feeding animals, going shopping, shovelling snow, cleaning out animals arrggghhhh!

Emma after the paddling

The main flock eating their grub

The rams - Harvey & Woody

Skye and Barra in the snow this morning


Tricia said...

Fingers crossed for the blood results Jan.

The two collies look as though they're thoroughly enjoying themselves! :D

Betty said...

Every time I think you can't get a cuter picture of Emma, you do...her really big eyes make me smile each time I see them! Thanks for sharing the adorable pictures of her! I hope everything will be okay for her and that she can have the 'occasional' treat.

oldcrow61 said...

Love the pictures. Hope Emma can enjoy an occasional treat soon. I'm sure she misses them.