Monday, 26 January 2009

The latest

Okay, briefly, Alan and I are trying again, we have talked and talked and tried to sort things out, so have spent the weekend together and it went well, weather fab, went to beach Saturday (New Quay) and Sunday (Llansteffan) ate lots of bad things (like chips, ice cream, cakes, sweets)

Just a few photos below, the first are of his sister's two dogs, who have just been clipped, Milly and Molly, so cute, like little teddies.

Frank the Robin been a regular, at least once a day for his mealworms and pellets, came in the kitchen window.

One of my tame young male blackbirds (his beak hasn't yet turned orange..) had been missing a couple of days, and then he appeared again much to my relief, but he seemed to have broken his foot, poor thing. So now I have Jakey who has been around for three years with his broken foot, and now this one, however, today he came round front and was putting a bit of weight back down on it, not sure if the toes will move but looks promising. He will come right to my feet for the worms and pellets.

Emma news, well, due back at the vets tomorrow for repeat blood tests. She has been absolutely great on the kidney diet, tinned, and loved it, no problems. UNTIL yesterday evening. Almost two weeks of being fine, no sick, no stomach upsets. Then last evening she turned her nose up at it, and wouldnt eat anything. So my heart lurched because every time this happens before, its a prelude to her being sick. So I'm on tenterhooks all night waiting for the inevitable. She got me out of bed in the middle of the night to go out, and had diarrhea. Then this morning she still wouldnt eat any of the tinned food, but would eat some of the dry biscuit version, which is weird because normally she won't touch them at all. Anyway, took her for walk, came home and then she has been fine tonight, back eating normally. I wish we could find out for sure what this problem is though, it seems to take a week or two each time on a different diet, and then she feels sick, won't eat, is sick (or diarrhea) and then she is fine again for another couple of weeks. Have changed the diet 5 times now and really thought we'd hit on the answer this time. See what Damien thinks tomorrow anyway. Sigh. Blood test results won't be back till Friday again though, so won't know much till then. Will keep you posted.


Betty said...

Oh, my, Milly and Molly are adorable; you are right...they do look like little teddies!

Ah, poor Emma...she looks like such a dear little girl and I'm so sorry to hear she is having trouble eating again. Hopefully, you will find something new for her.

My prayers are with you and Emma. Oh, and I hope you and Alan find happiness again!

avalon said...

Great news about you and alan really hope things work out well for you both. Good luck with the tests for emma today. Loved the two teddies lol

Pete said...

fingers xed for little Emma!!

hope things work out for you and Alan.

Tricia said...

Glad to hear that you and Alan are trying again - fingers crossed everything works out for you.

Hope all goes well with Emma's tests Jan.

oldcrow61 said...

Those little dogs look like stuffed toys, lol, very cute. Love the picture of Emma. Hope they find the problem.

Anonymous said...

Hullo Jan in West Wales. Ali in the West Midlands here. Glad to have found your blog! Your doggies are lovely!

Hope your enjoying the snowy weather!

Ali @ A Cosy Life