Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Down Yonder White Valley...

Yay, managed to escape for an hour or so today, roads all clear thank gawd. Only went to the next village and up to the farm/pet/bird food supplies shop and got a sack of sunflower hearts. Have been buying them in small bags up till now, and they aren't lasting 5 mins so I asked her to get me a sack. 50lbs sack £34! I can remember when they were £18 not so long ago. Mind you, I felt like I'd won the lottery earlier, because I need some more central heating oil and normally always use the local company as they are generally the cheapest, so you waste your time phoning other people. Just for once though I thought awww I'll try two or three others, and each and every one of them was slightly lower than the price before, and I saved a whopping £37 by making a 10p phone call! Yay, well chuffed.

Anyway, took Emma round the park on the way back from shops, and I know I am awful but I nearly wet myself laughing at a slight misfortune she had. She was on the extended lead, snuffling around on the snow, I was walking on the tarmac path, she broke into a little trot and then I heard a sort of "ugh" noise if you can imagine that coming from a dog. I saw out of the corner of my eye that she was flat on her stomach, she'd put her back foot down a hole where they have a fence in the summer to keep the cricket balls from going over into the river. Once I made sure she hadn't hurt herself, I just couldn't stop laughing, tears were rolling down my face, good job nobody else was around, I had a right fit of the giggles, it was just so bloody funny, I wish I had it on video. And there's more. We went out onto the main road and walked back round the one-way system and back into the park, else it means turning round and going back the same way or walking across the playing field and it was just too wet and horrible to do the latter. Anyway, we were walking along and I saw a black and white cat ahead, sauntering across and then went into a gateway. As we passed by, the cat had plonked itself down just inside the gate and had his back to us, but he must've seen Emma out of the corner of his eye, and it was like you'd given him an electric shock - he leapt from a sitting position about three feet in the air and shot down the drive like a rocket. Second time I nearly pee'd myself. Emma didn't even notice him lol! She's used to cats up the farm now anyway and wouldn't have bothered even if she'd seen him.

Took a couple of photos on the way back, the snow is still on the hillside, looks really picturesque.


Betty said...

Nice walking with you...lovely photos and too funny about Emma and the hole, and Emma and the cat!

oldcrow61 said...

I can just picture Emma making that "ugh" sound, lol. I know what the cat looked like when it jumped about three feet in the air. I've seen my cats do that when startled. It's quite funny. Lovely pictures of the snow.

avalon said...

lovely photos jan glad you got out for a while

Eagleseagles said...

1.Emma is well enough to fall down holes!
2. Frank is about and poses very well dont he?
3. The snow is looking pretty and you are able to get out and about.
4. You and Alan are having another go- good- he seems good for you!