Tuesday, 3 February 2009


It was coming down thick and fast last night. Woke this morning to about 5 inches of the stuff. Nice and peaceful though, village at a standstill. Glad I didn't have to go anywhere. God help me though if the day comes when I am disabled and can't leave the house. I think I will do myself in. I go up the wall if I can't get out for an hour or two. Although I have things to do in here, like cleaning and housework, yuck yuck yuck, I couldn't settle, and all I've done is pace from room to room looking out the windows. Driven myself mad. Apart from going out several times to do the bird feeders of course and seemingly non stop throwing stuff out of various windows for them, blackbirds begging for food in all directions.

Anyway, we have had several long blizzards, and some sunshine in between, so a status quo now. A lot has melted, but it's all due to freeze tonight, so I have been out with shovel and bucketfuls of road grit doing my paths, the back steps and the garage access incase I can get out tomorrow.

Took Emma for a walk eventually over the back fields for about 45 mins. She enjoyed it, so did I but now I really must get on and clean out the guinea pigs, budgies and run the hoover round. All of which I've been putting off for about 7 hours. Sigh.

Oh yes, I must just say I couldn't believe my eyes just now. That lazy, good for nothing git of a son of the old lady next door (she is about 84, walks with a stick) He has just strolled out to his car, and let her shovel the snow from the path, she nearly fell over twice as I watched. I really want to give him a piece of my mind. He is supposed to be her carer ffs! He does bugger all there, can't even cut the bloody grass for her in the summer, she pays the lad across the road to do it. The whole place is stacked up with his junk, poor old lady can't move in there. I feel so sorry for her, but I don't want to fall out with him either. I think I may try and have a word with the lady who comes round about once a fortnight to check on the old people round here, the warden, if I can catch her eye. He needs a bloody kick up the arse. He just goes out to do his horses twice a day, and rest of the time is sitting in there doing eff all, or probably in bed. Grrrrr.


oldcrow61 said...

Looking at the pictures of little Emma, I'm wondering what she thinks of all the snow. By the look on her face, she doesn't think much of it, lol.

Betty said...

I just love to see little Emma...her expressions are priceless!

As for the git next door, once a jerk always a jerk...not sure anyone could get him to change. I feel sorry for him mum, though. Hopefully, Karma will get him in the end (where the boot should be, eh?).