Saturday, 14 February 2009

Deja vue

Had a lazy day today, need to unwind, relax and get my head straight about things. (Not sure if I have with the latter but still) Watched the FA cup game on tv then afterwards I took Emma to my favourite place in all the world, have published many photos on my blog of this place over the past few years but never tire of it. You know, the spooky place where weird things have happened? None today, but just blissful peace, the only sounds I heard were the occasional bird singing, and the sound of rushing water.

Heron standing across was in the same place when I left as when I arrived - don't know if he'd managed to catch anything in that hour or whether he was just taking a nap!

Emma's blood test results weren't back yesterday. Had a long chat with Damien again and he will ring me Monday now or else go to see him again Tuesday to see where we go from here on. I asked him about giving her the occasional dog treat biscuit - big no-no if it is kidney failure. This time I understood the explanation, won't bore you with the all details but in simplistic terms, there's too much protein in normal dog food, and the kidneys can't deal with it, so it causes the upset stomach etc. He said really only fruit and veg has low or little protein, but I said what about human biscuits but he didn't know so I said I would check it out. Anyway, long story short, I looked on all the contents of various packs of biccies in Tesco and find that Rich Tea finger biscuits only have 0.4% protein per biscuit. So if I break one into four bits, it's presumably 0.1% as opposed to about 20% in a normal dog biscuit treat. So will ask him if its ok of course, but in the meantime, she's had some! She's also back to eating the biscuit version of the kidney food, but still off the meat version, although has eaten a little today. Damien was concerned when I told him that she'd only eaten about half of the amount all week that she was supposed to eat. Will try to update when I know more but in the meantime, she's doing okay, seems happy and lively enough.


oldcrow61 said...

That Emma is just too cute. Looks like she's posing for the pictures. Looks like a lovely place to walk.

Pete said...

aw cute emma. fingers xed for you both

Betty said...

Your pictures of Emma crack me up...she always looks as though she has just been surprised by something...wide eyes and all! Ha. Hope you find something she enjoys. Our 'kids' like Wheat Chex as a treat...would they be okay?