Monday, 26 October 2009


I was just sitting watching the telly, and I saw something out of the corner of my eye, small and dark scuttle along the skirting board and go under my display cabinet. Mouse I thought. WRONG! Toad! Bloody Nora. How on earth, how long has it been here that is the question. Thinking back, have heard a few strange noises from various places for a few days now, thought it was coming from outside, hedgehog normally, but I've a feeling he's been in here a few days at least. I've been finding water droplets on my kitchen worktop in the morning for instance.

I had to get a broom and chivvy him out from under the cabinet, and then remove a few cobwebs and bird feathers lol. Put him out the back garden near my greenhouse and the little pond I've got up there. Hope he will be okay.

Emma was petrified lol


oldcrow61 said...

The look on Emma's face is priceless.

avalon said...

You just made me laugh out loud litterally. The expression on Emmas face is wonderfull. Bet you thought you had strangeers invading your house with all those noises !!

Pete said...

the look on emma's face!!!

Janine said...

LOL thats the best picture ever