Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Still here

Just another quick blog, want to try and do this at least weekly.

Mealworms arrived for Frank and he was sitting outside the bedroom window as I drew back the curtains on Sunday morning lol. Didn't see him yesterday though because I was away until teatime, and no sign, so start to worry again. In fact no birds at all then I saw why - bloody Sparrowhawk, sitting as bold as brass in the tree. Grrrr.

Anyway, had a lovely weekend, we went to the Gower on Sunday, and yesterday just popped into Llanelli and walked round Parc Howard. Been there before a couple of times last year, but not seen it with all the flowers in bloom, it was beautiful. Took a couple of pics anyway to show off my Emma for a change. *cough*

Was expecting a heatwave today - the forecast on Sunday said it was going to be a scorcher, 24c for here and 29c for London. Well I guess I should've known better. Pulled back the curtains and its grey grey grey. Instant depression. :(

Oh well at least it's not raining for a change I suppose. Yet.


Pete said...

looks a nice place jan.

is that sun and blue sky I spy?

Tricia said...

Some wonderful colour in the planting and blue sky too! Emma's posing well :D

It's forecast for a very hot day here today (Wed)and I'm glad not to be in London.

avalon said...

Love your stories about little frank hope he returns soon! You have got me to buying mealworms now " hubby what do you want them for?" Me "well bloggy jan said so"
always love seeing emma of course. Glad you are going to try and post weekly we all miss you! x

oldcrow61 said...

Very nice pictures Jan and Emma is just as beautiful as ever.