Monday, 26 October 2009

The Farm, Day 2

Photos below taken this morning, it was beautiful up there and I was walking round marvelling at the wonderful surroundings. Amazing weather which made it so pleasurable. Fed the cattle, sheep, dogs, cats, walked and drank coffee outside.

The most amazing thing that happened was that as I was walking round my favourite field (the one with the two oak trees pictured below) between that field and the one with the horses, there is a wide, fenced ditch. The dogs had been running up and down excited and sniffing and then calmed down, they have a habit of chasing squirrels so guessed it was that. However, I picked up my camera (well my mobile phone which I use all the time now) to photograph the horses, and a beautiful fox jumped up in front of me and ran like hell, he was literally only 5 or 6 feet away, the closest I've ever been to a live one. I had seen one up the farm twice recently, but not that close, wow, it was fantastic. Good job the fence was there else I would have lost Skye and Barra (Emma didn't come, she is too lazy lately, and stays with the cats in the yard)

Apart from that, had a great weekend with Alan, we went to New Quay Saturday and had the best fish and chips in Wales and nice ice cream, Emma had a walk on the sands and in the sea now dogs are allowed on the beaches again, it was like being at Crufts, the place was full of people with dogs having a great time. We then came back and sat and watched our fave night on the telly, Merlin (fantastic best thing ever on tv, love it to bits) then Strictly, and then the X Factor, shame they clash a bit but thankfully I have Sky+.

Yesterday we did farm together and I did us Sunday lunch up there, was a nice change. Will take me a while to adapt to the clocks altering as usual. Hate it with a vengence, wish they would leave it until December and alter them, it's horrible being dark at 5.30 now, makes such a long evening, and I'm hungry too early, tired too early, grrrrrr!

Mum still not too well, had another couple of dizzy spells, and is such a worry to me, I still hope to get her up here to stay, if she has any more near misses or falls, she wont have a say in it I'm afraid, I shall just go get her and fetch her up whether she likes it or not. I just know once she is here and sees all the lovely scenery etc she will want to live here (well I'm hoping anyway, I would love it.)

Enough for now, time to go up the farm again now, it's looking grim outside now, clouded up and will soon be dark, how depressing...

Beautiful golden colours of the trees, I love looking at them against a blue sky like today :-

The little Dexter bulls (and Emma, showing how brave she is..) : -

Lots of unusual fungi around at the moment -

Emma and her fellow cats... (I'm sure they think she is one of them, so funny at times, seeing as she chases them out of my garden, but accepts these like her best friends...)


oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful pictures Jan. Hope your mother improves.

Tricia said...

Fingers crossed for a speed recovery for your Mum. Lovely pictures and wonderful to see a fox at such close quarters.

Tricia said...

Meant to add = I've heard of some strange pets but a frog?? lol