Friday, 16 October 2009

An update

Photos below from the farm last weekend. Was beautiful weather, a real indian summer here thank god, which makes up for the rubbish proper one we had. From this coming Sunday, I have 25 days to do in a row. Hope the weather will be as kind. It was great getting back to feeding my Daisy again now they are back on the feed. The new additions which I haven't photographed as yet are 4 little Dexter bulls, very cute and getting tamer. Trying not to get to like them too much as I know what their ultimate fate will be. :(

My mum is improving. Long story now but she had a fall during the night on Sunday,and couldn't get up in the bedroom and had to call an ambulance. She insists that she wasn't dizzy, just stumbled/tripped. She has banged her head and cut her knee but didn't have to go to hospital. The doctor came out to her yesterday and was satisfied, and today she had to go to the surgery to find out the blood test results from last week, and it shows she has a very low B12 count, which is what I have suffered from for about 30 years, I don't retain it and have had to have injections ever since. I wouldn't be at all surprised if my mum has had it this long too, she just would never go to the doctors and its taken something like what has now happened to her to make her realise she is human and elderly. She doesn't eat properly, and lives on sweets and cakes! Anyway she has to go and have injections every two days for the immediate future and her lovely neighbour is running her back and forth as the surgery is about 2 miles from her. She has to keep up the pills for the labyrinthitis and high blood pressure, but she sounded very perky on the phone, I'm ringing her every night to check on her. She hasn't had a sick or dizzy spell since Saturday now so am very hopeful she's over the worst. I'm determined to get her up here to visit soon and she is at last warming to the idea. I'm sure she will love it up here and hope to persuade her that maybe she would like to live near me and see the seaside regularly at least!

Lastly, Alan and I are having another last ditch attempt to save our relationship. I am determined this time to make a go of it, I truly hope we have a future together, I want it very badly and will do all that I can, as will he.

Many thanks for all your lovely comments previously, I will try to keep up the blog from now on, I promise, with as many photos as poss, including Emma of course!


Janine said...

Good luck Jan! Sound like you will be very busy at the farm. Glad your mom is on the mend.

oldcrow61 said...

Wishing you the best with the relationship Jan. Great pictures as always.

Tricia said...

Thinking of you Jan and sending every good wish.. Good news about your Mum! :)